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Don't buy a Brittany's gift card because it is a huge ripoff. Once they discover you have the gift card, they charge top dollar and will not come down from full price. They know they don't have to meet or beat any competitor's prices since you can't use the gift card anywhere else. Add that to the fact that their prices are 30% or more above other local jewelry stores and your pocketbook is in for a major soaking.

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  • Tr
      Dec 09, 2008

    Gift cards are a big ripoff

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  • Lo
      Dec 24, 2008

    If you are a frequent shopper at Brittany’s Fine Jewelry you should know they rarely have fake “sales” running to make you feel like you are getting a deal. I know for a fact that they price their diamonds engagement rings very competitively, allowing me to not rely on expert haggling skills to “get a deal”. And price is only one aspect: I broke a gold necklace after two years of wearing it AND THEY GAVE ME A NEW ONE! Try that in the mall.

    If you insist on paying less than sticker price I suggest you wait for their anniversary sale (sometime late in the year). But don’t expect 50% off smoke and mirrors. And if you are confident you can get the same thing cheaper at other stores go ahead; I bet Brittany’s will let you use your gift certificate for repairs when your “deal” starts falling apart.

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  • Bl
      Jan 31, 2009

    Glad to hear that someone appears to have had a positive experience, although "Local Shopper" could be the owner or his wife. My multiple negative experiences far outweigh your one positive with a broken necklace. I agree that places in the mall are not an option, but I have not experienced the same problems with other jewelers in Gainesville that I have with Brittany's. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Yk
      Jun 29, 2010

    I have used Brittany's for several years and have always had extremely fair, honest and knowledgeable service. Repairs are quick, the prices are fair and the selection is better than anyone in the area.

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  • Ga
      Apr 28, 2011

    I have been a customer for over 10 years with Brittany's. Their prices are competitive. Beautiful selections. If I want something a little different than what is on display they have always been able to deliver what I want. Service is always impeccable. Sorry for whatever experience you may have had. I have and always will purchase my jewelry from Brittany's.

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  • Bf
      Feb 16, 2012

    This is being written by the owner of Brittany's Fine Jewelry. I truly appreciate all of the positive feedback about Brittany's, some of it even bordering on defending us against "truthteller". Websites like this one can be very can be harmful to a business because a competitor can list a complaint with no basis. "truthteller" entered his complaint about Brittany's Gift cards on Dec. 9th 2008 and the fact is we had NEVER sold a Gift card as of that date.

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