Briteteethpro / Teeth Whitening / Charges

I am on hold also and have been for 37 minutes recieved package on 8/5/09 which was Wednesday. Due to my Mother dying I didn't even open the package until today after finding a 92.48 charge on my checking account and calling the bank to find out what the heck???? So they charged me the 89.99 plus 2.49 shipping. I called [protected] talked to "Pedro" who said that my purchase date was 8/2/2009 and that I was well within my cancellation period of the *14 day* trial offer. He gave me 2 options:
1st offer was a discount offer of 39.95 per month
2nd offer was to cancel entirely.
I choose to cancel entirely. I offered to send product back unopened and he said "No" to keep it and I would not be charged any additional fees. Gave me cancellation confirmation number. Had no problems.

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