Britesmileleft town and won't refund service money I paid

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I went to Britesmile in Phoenix and had my teeth whitened. While I was there I purchased a gift certificate for another trip. Meanwhile, Britesmile closed their offices in Phx. and never notified me. I called to make an appointment this year and was forwarded to their company in Flordia. After many calls to Nicole, the customer Service Manager, she said that I needed to send in my gift certificate and they would refund my money.
That was in August. I sent it in and have called several times always getting an excuse. Now, Nicole won't even answer. I spent many hours trying to recover the money I gave them for a gift card that they don't want to honor.
can you help. Thanks, Sue Strebe

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  • Fr
      Mar 02, 2009

    i am afraid you are SOL- britesmile is now run by crooks- these are the same crooks that ran puremedspa into the ground- google puremedspa and you will see the trouble they have caused- you would be wasting your time trying to get your money back- you could possibly auction your certificate on ebay for 40% value in a market they are in- that might work-

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  • Ma
      May 12, 2009

    I am having a very similar experience right now. I purchased a gift certificate over the phone for teeth whitening over two months ago and never received the certificate in the mail. Every time I call, I am told that this is an issue for the manager and then the manager never calls me back. I just want my certificate or refund but it doesn’t look like I am going to get either anytime soon. You would think if you spend $350 on a gift certificate they would at least send it to you.

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  • Dr
      May 19, 2009

    Good luck with their main office. They seem to be experts at avoiding dealing with customer complaints. The only thing I would suggest is that if any payments were made by credit card I would dispute the charge. Call your home state's consumer protection office and the consumer protection in the state where the BriteSmile office was in and I would contact the consumer protection office in Florida where I guess this place is headquartered. Maybe the FTC and/or FDA? I would get online and make a ruckus. Not sure if the BBB is still strong but I would try them and I would also put your complaints on every complaint site you can think of. These people are all nice when you are ready to spend but when there is a problem they hide like roaches.

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  • Sa
      May 29, 2009

    I recently purchased a Brite Smile 60 minute treatment for myself and a gift certificate by phone. I was told my gift certificate would be put in the mail to me that day. I received it 4 days later. I have received excellant sales and customer service assistance from Brite Smile and would refer friends/family to them.
    Thanks so much- Savannah

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  •   May 29, 2009

    Back in April I purchased a gift card for $549 over the phone. I recieved it 3 days later, went into the downtown Chicago location and had a wonderful experience. I never had any hassle with the card nor the service. I've recommended 2 other people since and they've had the same experience that I had. Needless to say I still remain a huge fan of Brite Smile

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  • No
      Jul 05, 2011

    Had the Brite Smile done, wouldn't recommend it for an enemy! I was in serious PAIN for 4 days afterwards, could hardly eat. Also, my teeth became SPECKLED like eggs...not a nice white but speckled! Now the speckled is leaving and all the yellow is coming right back!

    What did they say? Said the dentist would call me to discuss the problem. He never did. Felt robbed and lied to. Brite smile didn't work for me. Had great luck years ago with the dental trays you take home. Very white teeth, very nice results.

    NOT impressed with Brite Smile!

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