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Brite White Smile Teeth Whitener / Beware of Trial Offers

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Yes, I got sucked into this too good to be true trial offer. I really thought I could cancel in the 10 days and be ok. Well with Vibrant Smile, I actually received written notice via email that I had ordered this product and would get it in the mail. An email notice gives you a document that you can actually use if need be should the transaction go sour. Well, with Brite White Smile, I never received an email confirmation for the order. I was charged $4.95 by Vibrant Smile and $3.87 by Brite White Smile. Then I was charge 1.49 by Brite White and then some other .12 charge and .04 charge from a source I'm not familiar with. I read the fine print and again thought I would be fine by cancelling with in the trial offer window.

I called about the 1.49 charge because no where did it state that I would be charged this. The Brite White woman was very nice and said the charge would be removed. Well it wasn't. Then I received my products from both companies (which are the same companies, I'm sure) on the 6th day of the trial period.Vibrant Smile and an order receipt in the envelope--like it should and Brite White Smile's envelope didn't. So I prepared to call them the next day to cancel and all would be well in the world. Before I could call the next day, I checked my bank account and $87.13 had already been applied to my account from Brite White--it was pending!!! WT[censored] It hadn't been 10 days yet and I dare they do this. I hadn't even opened or tried the products and they were trying to charge me.

I called first thing this morning. I called Vibrant Smile first and they cancelled it and gave me a confirmation number and that was it. I then called Brite White and got the complete run around. The first guy I talked to hung up on me. The second guy was very apologetic and lied and said the first guy hadn't hung up, he was having technical problems and that I now had to wait for a cancellation email to cancel my "membership." What membership? All I wanted was to try the free trial products for the trial period of 10 days. I read that and fully understood that, I'm not crazy and can read. The 2nd guy went thru all this garbage of how I had to cancel online, what to type and how to type it, blah, blah, blah. I'm not understanding why I have to cancel online when I had him right on the phone--just cancel it and give me a confirmation number!

I called my bank to dispute the charge they removed the charge pending an investigation. They asked if I got a confirmation number or if I had any written documentation that I had cancel--Hell NO! This is how they get you. They never send you an email to confirm or cancel anything and you have no proof of anything! The bank told me to call Brite White back and try to speak to a manager or implore them to get a cancellation confirmation number. I called a 3rd time and demanded a cancellation number--one which I think is fake and bogus. I think the guy just gave me a number to get me off the phone. He also proceeded to tell me that there would be no more charges to my account and that I did NOT need to call back to the customer service center! I just hung up and called the bank back.

I told the bank about the alleged cancellation confirmation number and that I had not used their products. I'm now waiting on documentation to dispute this transaction. Then I went on the web and that's when I started reading about people that have experienced the same thing I'm now typing about. I then proceeded to call my bank a 3rd time and cancelled my credit card and will be receiving a new one any day now. I'll be damned if I pay more than the trial offer prices and I damned sure not paying $87.13 of my hard earned money for something I did NOT subscribe to or for something do NOT WANT!!

I have ordered things off the internet before and didn't have any problems. I now know that if it's not a reputable company with people or business you've done business with for years--don't order online!!! If it seems to good to be true, it is. They suck you in with untruthful ads by people that are not real and that didn't write the testimonials that suck you in. If you want to whiten your teeth, lose weight, or anything else-- go to the store and buy the products off the shelf!! This was simply not worth all the energy it took to stop this crap!!!

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  • Na
      11th of Oct, 2010
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    That same situation happened to me; and I was PISSED OFF!.. I was upset and all I received back was $20.00 of the $87.47. And once I return the product I should receive $49.95.. So I will see if I receive my refund. The product label that was mailed to me was Vivid White Smile, but on my bank statement it read Bright White. The website is very misleading and an easy way for Bright White to earn money.

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