BrinkmannBad service

I bought my Brinkmann Grand Gourmet 4415 3 years ago. The igniter quit after about 18 months. Lately the grill started to flare up when I lit it manually - not from grease but from some internal problem. There is a great deal of rust inside, even though I keep it covered. Burners, heat diffuser, grill surfaces. The burners appear to be iron, and pieces are flaking off.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dallas, TX I tried calling the company 800#, but it was always busy. I sent an email, and waited weeks for a response. They eventually told me it was the regulator. I ordered one and three new burners. But the burners don't fit and I couldn't disconnect the old regulator. I then wheeled it out in the alley - it's not worth the danger when lighting this. The rust and deterioration on the inside makes me not trust the thing. Forget about getting help from the company.

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