Brights Teeth Whitener / Fraud, Misleading, False Advertising

1 Wood Dale, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 18669641011

Also know as whitening Now, operates in conjuction with Natural Source Stores to mislead the pulic into purchasing a free trial product. Where you pay only shipping and handling. On the website they have these terms and conditions where they will bill you $78.93 for the product (negative option plan) and continue to charge your credit card every 30 days. Again on the webpage where you purchase the product, it says "TRY it Today, Just pay $4.99 S&H". ALso an icon of a woman pops up to distract you when they place the terms, in small writing. The woman icon is reassuring you that all you will pay is $4.99. This is misleading and false advertising. It is clearly a distraction with the icon to make sure you do not see what you are agreeing to. This company works many tactics, first, they put you on hold several times, for long periods of time. They will not allow you to cancel and they will come up with every reason not to give you a refund. This is an injustice to the American public to be subjected to this false and misleading business. Please advise on how we can stop this company and get a refund.


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