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bought a used bike and traded in another bike 30 days later I got a late payment statement from bike traded in made a payment 32 days after the deal 35 days after the deal and have not recieved any info on loan, registration, or payoff on other bike. Dealer did call in to other company to find out pay off after I made a payment which is less than wha twas agreed upon on paper.

Lied to about the deal and what was going to happen from FI manager and GM

Warning do not deal with these people they also own American Harley Davidson in Ann Arbor Michigan and Atomic Powersports in Monroe Michigan

The Motor Comapny did not care when I called them as well I got a huge blow off and mixed information from both sides it seems if I were a soccer mom biker they would have cared more

Why is it so hard to buy American Products? Harley Davidson and dealers like this are the reason everything is made in China.

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  • Kr
      Dec 05, 2009

    American Harley Davidson in Ann Arbor Michigan is now owned by 'Coast to Coast'.
    I just finished taking American Harley Davidson to small claims court for denial of my '7 year Extended Warranty'. Might as well have been written on Toilet Paper according to Mike Smith who represented American in court. Their contention was the warranty was voided since the scooter hadn't been seen by one of their "Techs" (glorified PARTS CHANGERS) every 2, 500 miles. I wouldn't let these guys work on my John Deere lawn mower, let alone one of my Harleys. They kept my bike for 3 months for a 50, 000 mile check-up and installing the new hydraulic cam chain tensioner set-up. What a bunch of Douche Bags.
    Anyhow, the Judge is gonna render a decision sometime in January. I think I'm gonna win and recoupe $3, 000.
    These guys employ the most incompetent 'Parts Changers' I've ever dealt with, and the staff is even worse. They've not only lost my business, but all my friend's business also. If you deal with these guys, be prepared for a lot of heartache and headaches and finally resorting to leagal action to resolve your complaints, cuz these guys are the absolute worse.
    I'd rather take $20, 000 and set it afire rather than give these guys one more dime of my money.
    If you do business there and have read this, remember, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!!

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  • Km
      Dec 23, 2009

    I took my '03 Road King to Brighton HD in early October for it's 25, 000 mile maintenance. They told me it would take a week. That was 2 1/2 months ago! I haven't been pushing them because obviously I can't ride it. They were suppose to deliver it to my house yesterday, my wife waited for 2 hours and they never showed. When I called they said it wasn't on the delivery schedule. I wonder if it will show up today? Another weird thing is that they refuse to put synthetic oil in the crankcase. I thought the debate over synthetic oil concluded 5 years ago. Very bizzare experience. I'm pretty confident that this store will change hands soon. Hopefully the next owner is in touch with modern customer oriented retailing!

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  • Sh
      Dec 26, 2009

    I work at American Harley Davidson. I'm one of your Parts Changers as you call it. I'm sorry you had a poor experience.. I do suggest you read everything you sign. Calling someone, you don't even know name's is childish. I can't Speak for the Dealership. I only speak for myself. Its too bad your angry, but slandering a company on a useless complaint board won't make things any better...Also, make sure post all the facts, before you call abunch of guys "Douche Bags". You don 't know me, but if you would like too, you know where I work.

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  • 07
      Apr 26, 2010

    I have had nothing but good expierences with Brighton HD. And yes...I have scheduled service on my baby to make sure my bike keeps are a fool if you do not have the scheduled services on your bike!

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  • Bo
      Sep 11, 2010

    I agree that the crew at American Harley Davidson were, are, and always will be, doosh bags.

    Got what they deserved though...OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

    If you keep shoveling crap to your customers, that's what you get back. SIMPLE, right?

    Not to these DOOSH BAGS. They thought they could get away with anything. Not any more though...

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  • Bo
      Oct 14, 2010

    Before you do any business at all with Brighton H/D, remember their imcompetence put American H/D in Ann Arbor OUT OF BUSINESS after 25 years.

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  • Ha
      Jun 02, 2011

    My boyfriend works for the company and just so you know, American Harley Davidson did NOT go out of business. All they did was merge the Ann Arbor and Brighton stores into one because of the economy, made more sense from the business end of the matter. So how about you get your facts straight before you go running your mouth, YOU are the douch bag!! And I agree, you should have read what you signed you [censored]! You should know that in order for your warranty to stay in effect you have to have them work on your bike...why the hell would they foot the bill because some other idiot screwed up your bike somewhere else?!

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  • Bo
      Jun 02, 2011

    I got my money back, doosh-ette. Suck on that!!!

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  • Th
      Jun 28, 2011

    I would definitely select a different H.D. dealer. I went to Brighton Harley and paid $320.00 cash to take the motorcycle safety and motor cycle endorcement class. Due to an emergency at work I couldn't make ths class and informed Traci who manages the class I couldn't make it. I was told I could reschedule or take a $320.00 gift card. I paid $320.00 CASH, they printed 4 pages of the course's info. Bottom line NO CASH back gift card. If Brighton Harley want's to nickel dime you on a $320.00 course, I can't Imagine how understanding they would be if you ordered a new bike and it was shipped damaged, wrong color, long wait to get that bike or what ever, and you gave them a deposit. So I would assume your stuck with a gift card of a greater value of a $320.00 safety course, to have your New bike repaired, reordered what ever the case Brighton Harley has your money!!! Remember this past Christmas when Best Buy policy was a 15% restocking fee on returned products in which the public was aware of, and 3 weeks before Christmas they lifted it because sale's were soft because of return policy, and were talking a HARLEY not a $1200.00 t.v. or $100.00 blu-ray player. Remember now we have the Social Ntework " Facebook and Twitter" which now a days most business are on including Brighton Harley, and with that there is no reason to argue with the manager or owner because it's just the 2 or 3 of you who know the issue at hand, but... put it on Facebook or Twitter and Thousands Thousands of people will know how Brigthton Harley operates.

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  • Sc
      Apr 28, 2012

    I purchased a brand new Harley 8-days ago from Brighton Harley and with my purchase I added another $4000.00 in extras to be done before delivery. With the cost being a total of over $23, 000 you would think that I would receive at least and I mean at the very least some customer service.Well I guess that this dealership has not been schooled in the art of customer service.Seems like from the start of this purchase the sales manger Jake has done nothing to speed up the delivery of my bike and as far as contacting me about delays I guess Jake has no concept on how a phone works.I have been treated better by guards in jail than this untrained, unprofessional, arrogant waste of management has treated me.

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  • Bo
      Apr 28, 2012

    Better watch what you say or one of the so-called "Techs" will have his girlfriend defend him!!!

    (Betcha 'Douch-ettes' boyfriend got put into the wind, long ago.)

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  • Ba
      Jul 06, 2012

    WOW wish Id of hit this page before i went there I also was lied to payed for insurance on a bike i never got to ride took about 20 hours of the week up there to end up gettin my money back because Jacob accused us of a fraudulant act which never took place and if it did we had nothin to do with it Ended up gettin the money back but not for the insurance I jumped through so many hoops i feel like a clown at the circus Now i gotta jump through more hoops to get the insurance money back for I can go somewhere else Im soooo pissed off I could spit nails Unbelievable I worked swap meets for 15 years sellin leather goods for Hudson Leather and never have I seen any dumb ### like at brighton harley davidson

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  • Bo
      Jul 07, 2012

    Good Harley Dealer: "Harley Davidson Sales and SERVICE" Napolean, OH> Makes Brighton looks like 2nd graders who like to tinker on their daddy's motorcycle!!!

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  • No
      Jun 08, 2013

    Bought two, yes two Ultra Classics from Brighton, agreed on the price with the salesman, was rushed through the paperwork, (due to being so busy with the tent sale). Got my payment coupons to find the payments are double what the salesman and I agreed on. Called the finance guy and can't get answers. Something told me NOT to go here.Ruined the whole Harley dream!

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  • Iv
      Oct 10, 2014

    I bought a brand new HD 2014 Street Glide Special for $22, 000.00 and when it was delivered to my garage door and they took my trade, I pushed new bike in my garage and parked it..It was there for 3 days and when I ready to ride it I saw oil under the engine on the floor..Bike had never been ridden..I called Brighton HD service dept., they said bring it in and they diagnosed the whole motor had to be taken apart because of leaking from crankshaft and lower case..I talked to the sales manager and told him I paid for a new bike and I wanted a new bike not one that was leaking before I had even rode it..He said all he would do was repair that one and give it back..The thing that makes me so unhappy is that when I bought it the salesman told me they had just got the bike in that day and it had been checked out, which was a lie..I called HD directly and they said Brighton HD had that bike for over 2 weeks..So, they had to know it was leaking oil...I will never spend another dime there..I have bought 5 new Harleys in the past, but no more...

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