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Leave well alone!

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Bright Heating
United States
I cannot convey quite how badly Bright Heating con people.

Many have been sucked in by this awful company and their salesmen who go into their homes and encourage them to sign contracts for thousands of pounds worth of vastly over-priced electric radiators - confusing them with figures and supposed money savings on electricity bills, while knowing full well that often they are vunerable and not at all well-off.

Savings that might be possible are negated by the massive price that they charge. You will not gain anything by buying from this company. You will not see any savings returned on the huge sum that they demand unless you live to be about 300 years old.

If you want these radiators, save your money and go elsewhere. Don't sign a contract! They are available at a fraction of the price from other sources. The manager of this heating company becomes extremely unpleasant and aggressive when asked about the way that he operates. My advice is not to deal with them in the first place.

I have sent a letter to a well known investigative journalist who has uncovered other rogue outfits before. He has expressed an interest in investigating this terrible company and publicising the findings once proven.

Bright Heating, I hope that you are reading this. You should be ashamed.
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N  6th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

Bright Engineering Company - Land line phone not working

Our broad band land line not working
N  6th of Jan, 2011 by    -1 Votes
D  6th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Bright Heating is the UK’s sole supplier of these highly effective efficient storage radiators.
We believe that you, our customer are the first priority in everything we do. From your first contact with us either by phone or the enquiry form, Bright Heating’s commitment to service is second to none.
Our experienced engineers and electricians are fully qualified, registered and trained to install our radiators with the utmost precision without mess or fuss.
There’s good reason why half of our installations come from referrals of existing customers and why our customers keep coming back. Our products come with a 25 year guarantee and are totally maintenance free. No need to worry about extra costs in the future.
So, if you are looking to reduce your home heating costs with new effective storage radiators, then switch to our German electric radiators and enjoy being warm and cosy while enjoying lower home heating costs.
We prefer to visit our customers personally without charge or obligation to buy. That way, we can assess your individual home needs, show you how our German storage heaters work and advise you on the best system for you.
When you do decide to buy, we can usually complete everything in one day! No mess, no fuss, no pipe work or muddy boots! Our fully qualified staff will remove your old wet or dry heating system and then fit your electric storage radiators.
To request any further information on you can call us on 0800 328 8006 or 01423 501 777.
Unfortunately, our industry creates a lot of envy. In a world of free speech, as a company we always ask for anonymous and vindictive postings to be removed. Some sites comply and some don't. Sensible people take a sensible attitude.
D  30th of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I cannot believe Complaintsboard can publish such obvious slander by an unsuccessful competitor, the author, being uneducated, illiterate, and obviously a complete ###. I am looking to purchase a property without gas central heating, and on visiting Bright Heating in the centre of Harrogate was treated with the utmost respect, offered a full refund if not satisfied (in writing), they also offered to lend me a free standing radiator for a trial period - with absolutely no deposit. This is not the action of "fly by night " operation, but a company seeking customer satisfaction.
This industry might be plagued with unscrupulous salesmen, but after visiting Bright Heating, that was not the impression I left with. I have no connection with this company, nor have I purchased any product from them, but continue to research this type of product, as it appears suits my lifestyle, having complete control over heating.
I will probably go the Bright Heating route, unless something better appears on the market before purchasing my new home.

Keep being honest Bright Heating, it will pay off in the end. Mike Murdoch
D  1st of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I do not believe Bright Heating con people - read on.
Having researched in much detail, including speaking with the original manufacturers of this product in Germany, who assured me, they have pride in their product, are very careful who they supply, and how it is sold.
I was sceptical of claims made by all these heating suppliers, but decided to take Bright Heating up on their deal of borrowing a sample.
At the exact time agreed upon, my doorbell rang, and a character resembling Uncle Fester, from The Adams Family, wheeled a large box into my home, introduced himself as the sales manager, and assured me I was under no obligation whatsoever to purchase, just test, and enjoy the sample he was leaving with me. He explained, I might not get the maximum performance figures quoted, as the room had not been measured properly to achieve the correct operating environment. I kept stating 2Kw is 2 Kw in anyone's language, and was not confident how I could attain great savings quoted. They quote 15 mins electric on - 45 min off, but I did not achieve these figures - mine were 35 mins on 25 mins off, so in that respect, these radiators do not live up to the claims, but perhaps my quest of paying very little to the electric companies, was proving impossible to attain. I called the sales manager (sorry about Uncle Fester remark), who is a very nice bloke, and was very understanding. He stated with the wattage of the sample radiator, and the fact I omitted to mention my 9ft ceilings, he was not surprised, offered to supply and fit correct radiator to one room and if not totally satisfied, make a full refund. Then at a later date, if all well, complete installation throughout the property. I am not an easy person to deal with and suspicious of everyone - I have even showed my solicitor all paperwork, guarantees, refund promises etc. from this company, and all in order. They have even adjusted prices to make me happy. They appear to be an honest new company, with a product they believe in, and are trying hard to build a good reputation. I just hope, after installation, I will not be back here to complain - I am pretty certain I will be using these radiators throughout, and then some rental properties I own...if the price is right.

Gerald Fisk
D  28th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I do not have electric heating, but I know the manager of Bright Heating personally, and I have always found him to be very polite and helpful. I do not believe that he would be unpleasant and aggressive.
I do not think that it is productive to describe the complainant as "uneducated, illiterate and a complete ###."
N  6th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Impressive that people are so ready and willing to come to the defense of Bright Heating after a complaint is made. Seriously though? This is laughable and far too obvious. Complaints Board quite rightly did not remove the original post. We are free to express our opinions, and also to state facts. That is the beauty of the internet. Amen.

Mr Fisk, what you write makes sense. The salesman put a higher wattage radiator into your room, and it drew power for a shorter time. Of course it did, but it didn't use any LESS power. It drew more. It just put out more watts in less time. This is a fact. If you are really so thorough and untrusting of everyone, then you should have picked up on this right away. The fact remains that if you are actually a real customer, you have paid Bright Heating far too much money, which you will never, ever recoup. This is your choice, but where is the benefit? How much did you actually pay them after they "adjusted their prices to make you happy"?

The price I was quoted by Bright Heating for the S201 2000w radiator, as shown on their website was £880.00. This was their "best price" for ONE radiator, excluding the programmer. The larger radiator that the "Uncle Fester" character kindly provided for you was what? £1, 000+?

All of the comments here, and we still have no answer to explain why anyone would pay Bright Heating prices, when "They are available at a fraction of the price from other sources." Very strange.
N  6th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
By way of clarification, I simply gave a character reference for one individual. I did not endorse the product, and I objected to Mr Murdoch's comments. Having said that, I do find it odd that the original complaint, which has been posted on two separate occasions under different names, appears to originate from the US.
Jeremy Conway, Leeds, England
A  14th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was unable to get a price for the radiator over the phone, this does set alarm bells ringing.
If their price for a 2kw unit is constant, and not just whatever they can get, then why not just be honest about it?
N  14th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
mr 1 - Bright Heating's comment of 6 September explains why a home visit is preferable. Here is an extract:
"We prefer to visit our customers personally without charge or obligation to buy. That way, we can assess your individual home needs, show you how our German storage heaters work and advise you on the best system for you."
N  16th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I Live in an average 3 bedroom detached house and have considered changing my expensive oil heating. However, I would need to replace nine radiators.
As the minimum price is around £700 that equals a minimum of ££6300 just for the rads. alone, without thermostats and the cost to remove the old rads.
Also, the cost of electricity for 9 x 2000 watts is going to be horrendous . Or am I missing something ?
N  21st of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Perhaps the Advertising Standards Authority are also being "vindictive" and "slanderous". They also say that Bright Heating lie to people. Full report on the official adjudication, and the complaints upheld against Bright Heating are now published on the Advertising Standards Authority website - searchable under "rulings" . Five complaints were made by two people, and five were upheld. Regrettably none were made by me!

Bright Heating's claims ARE misleading. The advertised "deals" by Bright Heating ARE misleading. Bright Heating ARE NOT " the UK’s sole supplier of these highly effective efficient storage radiators". Bright Heating DO NOT have "Thousands of cosy customers". Bright heating has now been PROVEN to lie to people to sell their vastly overpriced heaters.

What else do the Bright Heating salesmen say to the old and vunerable people that they target, when behind closed doors? We will soon hear all about that too. Personally, I can't wait.

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