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I had BH installed at my house when we bought it in Winter Haven. All was OK for a while. The HD DVR started dropping the programs we had set up to record our favorite shows. This was a consistent problem, so we drove the box back and swapped it. We ended up doing this at least 3 times. I finally asked for the supervisor. 20 minutes later he comes out. I explain my dilemma. He tells me they get their equipment from China, they're not responsible for how it works. "If you buy a Toyota don't you expect it to run?" I tell him. He doesn't want to hear it. So finally I get a box that works for a while. My daughter and her boyfriend come to watch the Super Bowl with us. (last year) I have it recording so we can eat, and get snacks and have restroom breaks. Well, the TV goes live and we can't rewind it. This happens several times. The recording is GONE. So. we missed several good drives and it ruins the game for us.
Right after Thanksgiving we had a house fire and had to move into a rental. I can't get FIOS so I'm forced to go back with Bright House. I did not want to do this, but I had no choice. They installed full service- phone, internet, and TV. Right off the bat we have internet connection issues. They come right out and work on it. Our wireless connection is VERY intermittent. It goes on and off all day and night. To date, six weeks now, they've been here no less than 18 times. Last week a service tech worked for 2 hours and found the cables were wrong in the attic. Designated line went to TV, not the modem. All was well for about a week, then we're back to the intermittent connections. Bright House send Knight back out to switch the router. He goes through SIX routers before he found one that worked. Yesterday that router started the intermittent connection. Today Knights comes back and tells me it was fine. When he leaves my son comes in and tells me he's offline. I catch the tech before he can pull away. He comes back in. He says I need to get a wired phone, that the wireless phone is my problem. He says Bright House is OUT of routers so he can't exchange it for me, and leaves. So, I'm back on the phone complaining and the circle starts once again.

Also, Sunday my DVR went on the blink and I missed the third quarter of the Super Bowl. We drove to BH Monday AM and traded for a new one. It wouldn't load programming, so they had to send a tech out with another one.

Larry in Winter Haven, FL

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  • Ky
      20th of Aug, 2009
    Bright House - the manager disrespect
    bright house
    England, Durham
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07591208209

    i am a mother of four & was told by brighthouse manager to keep my legs shut if im finding payments difficult.

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  • Bh
      10th of Feb, 2010

    Larry, sorry to hear about the equipment issues. My name is Chris Berry and I work for Bright House. Send me an email; I would like to help make this better. Thanks! Christopher.[protected]

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  • Da
      6th of Feb, 2011

    I've had Brighthouse since I moved into this neighborhood in Wesley Chapel. At first I really liked it as it was simple and had the basic feature I wanted including internet. but late last year my DVR box started freezing up and had to be replaced. But although the replacement had an E-Sata connection for my external harddrive it would not work. Brighthouse has intentionally disabled that function so that you can no longer expand the hardrive capacity by adding an external harddrive. That was a very important feature as the internal hardrives on the provided boxes are JUST TOO SMALL. Many of us in the Tampa area go overseas for months at a time so that is a very important feature. Brighthouse doesn't want to turn the E-Sata on "because they offer the DVR service". They say nothing about the limited capacity not meeting their customer's needs. I'm thinking of either a TIVO or just firing Brighthouse all together and going with the FIOS thing. I'll be talking to our homeowner's association meeting next week about terminating our contract for basic service with Brighthouse since they on longer care about customer service or customer needs. All this and they give another kick in the teeth by raising their rates next month to include the diminished service.

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  • No
      19th of Nov, 2012
    Bright House - Poor customer service
    Bright House
    St Petersburg
    United States

    A couple years ago Bright House provided reasonable customer service. Now they are worse then Time Warner, and that's hard to do! It is impossible to reach them by phone. I have tried every number published but once I hit there phone system I get nothing but records saying they will be with me shortly. I have waited over 2 hours on multiple occasions, only to have the call drop at their end.

    How do we let companies like this exist? Worse, we give them right of way to run cables, giving them a monopoly and then let them treat us this way.

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  • Ms
      10th of Jul, 2013

    We have had Brighthouse Whole house DVR service for almost a year now. To date we have only been able to watch a couple of movies. Last night I cancelled the service, out of all the programs we have recorded we have only been able to watch 2 movies. We have made many calls on this and BH sent out techs twice replacing two boxes and the last tech said that the problem may be coming from the main DVR. The whole house DVR is nothing but problems with lines and interuptions running through the picture and the sound equally disrupted. Spoke to BH rep this evening, she stated that they have been having problems in the last couple of months w/the whole house DVR service but the problems are fixed now. It's odd that the rep I spoke to last night did not tell me this. We have been paying for a service that we have never received from BH. We are stuck with BH because they are the providers that our HO assoc. has chosen for basic cable. I wonder if this is a matter that could be handled with a class action lawsuit they sued in Direct TV in NC .

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  • Ch
      5th of Jan, 2014

    Can you get direct where you are at? I do believe a H/O association has no control over who you can have as your PERSONAL tv provider unless you are in an apt then there are restrictions . I too have brighthouse in one of my homes because it's a Apt away for work but at my regular home I have direct and I never have had an issue with direct and the remote is a lot simpler. And the tv app for your mobile device is always working. . Brighthouse really ducks and I will be getting a portable dish to watch and apt. You should check to see what your bylaws are. Hope this helped

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  • Ch
      25th of Jun, 2016

    Larry, I agree. I have all of the same problems including distortion in the television, a dropping of the telephone line, dropping of the internet connections. I couldn't even BEGIN to count the number of times that Brighthouse has been here to resolve the problem (change the router, change the dvr/cable box, put in new phone lines, put in new cable). Everything that you can imagine and it still happens. I keep a log of the events. I called their technicians one night and he rebooted the modem. From there, he called me on my home phone. Despite the fact that he was showing on their end everything was okay here, my phone was not ringing and my telephone line was dead. I even have a buddy in another development that has the same issues with the internet on a constant basis. I am consistently spending time at home with service technicians who come and go and say that "everything is taken care of" only to be back in the same place at some point and time. In a two week vacation period, I lost 6 days due to Brighthouse technicians, one which the technician showed up BEFORE the scheduled time without calling me or notifying me. Of course, I wound up sitting around waiting and twiddling my thumbs. Once again, I have filed complaints through the FCC against the company. I don't have FIOS and am held hostage. After scheduling an appointment for today, one showed up yesterday and was extremely disrespectful to me in my home telling me that he was here to "stay with me all day to see where the problem was since they are not showing anything" and that "I was calling in to complain about problems every day."

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