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Bright House / Poor service

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After having Brighthouse Networks for 2 years we moved and so I transferred service so I could keep my e-mail address and we have never had problems with Brighthouse. Well, HUGE mistake. We had to get a new phone number because we were changing area codes, they came the next day of calling to install the cable, ok, fine. A week later our telephone was supposed to be activated, I called daily to see if they had our new number yet, the answer was always no, it will be tomorrow. Well, the day before it was to be activated I called and still no number so I questioned them. The rep got very testy with me and cut me short. Well, the next morning I called back, still no number and guess what?????? The work order had never been put in!!! Needless-to-say I was beyond pissed!!! They said they would push it and get it activated the next day (like they were doing me a favour) I asked several times for a supervisor to call me back and never heard from one. The next day it was 1pm and our phone was STILL not working so I called back yet again. Apparently it had a problem AGAIN and had to be reset. Finally that day the phone worked, well we have 7 jacks in our house and guess how many work... ONE!!! Of our 6 TV jacks, 4 of them work, and I've given up on calling. The last two times I called I demanded to speak to a supervisor immediately and got put on hold for 15 min at which point I hung up because I don't have all day to sit on the phone waiting. Bye bye Brighthouse, I switched to Verizon!

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  • Jo
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    So how is your new service?

  • Co
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    I sent an e mail yesterday and got no response.

    Your service tech came today. He was not friendly and obviously didn't want to be working on Easter.

    I asked if he was putting in a new box and he said he only had refurbished boxes.

    After he finished, I asked him if the remote was set and he said yes.

    I asked him if the delay on our other box was normal, he said yes and left.

    I tried the replacement unit and the remote did not work. Called your company and after they ran thru some tests, determined that the box was not good and I needed a new one.


    I asked that they send someone out to replace it. Your company said no, they were too busy today.

    So I guess your Company standard is to get in and out as fast as possible. You have no quality control. The proper response was to get someone here immediately, even if it meant sending a supervisor.

    Your lack of response to yesterday's e mail and lack of ability to respond immediately shows that I need to look for a new provider.

    My time is valuable and your company does not think so, I am tired of wasting time on house is not Bright is a Dimhouse, becasue of your lack of service.

    I will be sending this to JD Powers for inclusion into your ratings.

  • Mi
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I had bright house sence febuary sence day one i have had nothing BUT PROBLEMS. there staff treated me as if i was stupid, ive been hung up on dissconnected and beligered. as a buisness owner, if i treated customers this way i would b out of business. after being on hold for an hour got hung up on. they expect me to lose business just to acomidate them and when i set an appointment they show up houres early and demand that they fix the problen immeaditaly with no regard to my schedule ive been cussed threatened and told that the problem was my own. manny supervising tecks and others have showed up and never fixed the problem. never getting compensated for the lack of service or compleet failure of the same.but there always "at my door with there hand out wanting there money when the bill is due" they are a crap service with crap employees that have NO RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS, RAPEING THEM WITH GARBAGE SERVICE.AND THEY WANT ME TO SWITCH TO THERE BUSINESS SERVICE. Hell why would i trust them with my business when they cant even get my personal service right the first time?????????? bright house sucks and sucks big. when ever i go into a customers home i tell them what garbage bright house is and exactly how ive been treated!!! and more often than not i get the same from them about how they feel violated. used and mistreated, abused, and taken advantage of they wont reemburse you for the lack of service or insult you by offering 50 dollars off your bill. as far as im concerend they can take it and shuv it up there !@$#%^&^%$#$# untill they choke. I HOPE ITS SOON!!!...

  • Ra
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Brighthouse and Verizon in Tampa bay are a monopolizing group of people. I have lost all respect for them and their sales tactics. Roadrunner cannot get their billing straight. The installers are rude and usually lack major knowledge of their trade. Verizon and Brighthouse have taken over most major complexes in this area and we are all fed up with it. We in Tampa bay have a right to choice and freedom. I have served my country and am sick of this.

  • Mi
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    I've been with Brighthouse for years now. I've also had problems the whole time. I've finally gotten the point that I think I'm throwing in the towel. For over $160 a month, we've got poor intermittent TV service, unreliable internet and a pretty much useless VOIP phone service.

    We've had "technicians" out here numerous times. Some were better than others, but none has ever completely resolved the problems.

    It's just time to say "enough." I think "Brighthouse" is run by a bunch of "Dimwits."

  • Xo
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    What I do requires a reliable 24/7 99% up time service. I run a number of dedicated servers among other things, and my connection is lost at least once every day usually at the worst times.

  • Ma
      6th of Jan, 2011
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    well folks I think its time for a class action lawsuit ive read the problems other customers of bright house have had and wouldn't ya know its the exact same problems have had since December 2007, yup unreliable service for 4 years...Well one tech after another was sent out on numerous occastions...God know i lost count but after speaking with "customer care" at great length yesterday and explaining that thier unreliable internet service costed me a great deal of money because it went down in the middle of my work day, that i refuse to pay my bill...then i proceeded to customer care that I was also a stroke victim, and asked him what he thought would happen if i needed emergency services and upon picking up the phone i had no dial tone, after a long pause my agent could only say he didn't know, at which point i screamed, "I would be your boss, and my first order of business would be to fire you!, well long story short I have a supervisor coming tomorrow to check everything in the morning...will repost after getting a new provider to let you all know how it went...although i have a gut feeling how this is going to end, i.e a new provider...its time to bring the bright house monopoly to an end! class action law chosing at&t this time.

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