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Bridgeport Bankruptcy / Fraud and cheating

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I should have smelled a rat, when this company did not provide any telephone number or address. The only way to communicate with Bridgeport Bankruptcy was through a rectangular square on their web site. Then, they would reply by sending a message to your e-mail address. They even warned that the e-mail address used in sending their messages to you would not be responded to - that only that rectangular square on web site would receive attention.

Anyway, I did want to file a bankruptcy, but couldn't afford the local attorney fees. So, when I found a number of on-line companies that would handle that bankruptcy for only around $150.00 I decided to go that route. But Bridgeport Bankruptcy really poured it on thick on their web site. Quick service... and all you do is fill in the information of the various formats. They will then convert it into proper legal form and will send you all the legal paperwork - ready for signing and filing with the bankruptcy court. They talked about a 200% guarantee for all the legal forms they sent back to you. They did seem to be a company of integrity.

So, I paid my fee and was going to spend all night Tuesday to fill out the formats. However, after I filled out the personal info section(section no one), I found there was no 'next' button or 'proceed' button to take me to the next section. I even clicked on the listed 'creditors' link on the left side on web page but it seemed to think that I just wanted to review what I had already filled out for creditors. Finally, in frustration, I repeated sought some of the 'hand-holding' that site had promised before I paid my fee. I kept asking how to navigate to the other sections. No response all night. The next day on Wednesday I again kept sending off for the same information.

I finally did get an e-mail chiding me for not getting those formats filled out right away, , , and submitting same. And because I had delayed, I would have to pay a so-called 'extension fee' to proceed. That made me mad enough to spit blood. Their site would not operate, and they would not answer my e-mails on how to proceed. So, now I should pay an additional fee for a problem and negligence they created? Not on your tintype.Besides, no such mention was made in their 'agreement' as to time to complete or as to extra fee. So, now I will have to find a more honest web site... and I will have to spend time suing Bridgeport for the fee they say is not refundable. As a legal assistant I know that one cannot benefit from their own negligence... I don't care what kind of disclaimer you put in an agreement. Oh well, I will file my pleadings and sue them. As a pro se(one capable of handling his own lawsuit) it will only take time and effort(and filing fee). I can assure them they will pay more in defending against my cause of action than what they scam from me. Anyway, I mainly file lawsuits against such weasels - not to win, but to punish them with cost from their own attorney's billing hours.

My advise is to stare clear of these chiselers.

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  28th of Sep, 2010
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LMAO, WOW, this is the same complaint, word for word, filed 4 years earlier by someone with a different name (see link below). Looks to me like maybe this is a bogus complaint filed by competition or something? Just a thought.

/URL removed/

  31st of Dec, 2010
0 Votes is the same people as THEY ARE CROOKS. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. I now have the luxury of having to issue two credit card chargebacks against both companies for failing to provide services. They simply don't exist in my book as of 2011, I have had no document generation services, much less crummy inaccurate ones that I might be able to complain about, they failed to provide "any" responses to the many email inquiries/communication emails I've sent them asking where my paid services were more than a week after submitting a work order.

These guys need to be put out of business. Both sites are the same people with operations out of Canada & Israel.

  18th of Feb, 2011
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While the above may in fact be a duplicate, the customer service is indeed atrocious. First, let me state, I am a litigation paralegal and prepare incredibly complex legal documents daily. While preparing my own bankruptcy petition using Bridgeport, I scrupulously checked each entry. They state, repetitively, all the entries are "yours" and any error must therefore be attributed to the user. However, I made a copy of my data input and when I received their PDF file (LOCKED!!! so it could not be edited at all by the user) it had my name reversed, i.e. John Smith instead of the bankruptcy's requirement of "Smith, John." Of course, to make even this minor change costs $150.00 (approximately).

Moroever, when attempting to contact the firm (again, with no telephone contact number as there is only a text box), I found out the firm is based in the Netherlands... and this too is suspect. Additionally, many bankruptcy courts require their own "Local" forms. If these forms are not completed, your bankrutpcy pleading will be rejected. Bridgeport specifically disavows any use of local forms. As such, if your bankruptcy requires local forms, the documents will be rejected by the Court.

Hopefully, this note will allow you to make an intelligent decision not to use this firm, or instead, that Bridgeport will provide far better customer service with a telephone number or actual contact information inside the United States. Good Luck

  22nd of Mar, 2011
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This is Crazy. Thier website is missing a territory, United States Virgin Islands. One of my creditors are located there and they need them to add USVI to thier "States" drop down menu. I requested them to add the USVI as a state, I even gave them a link to the government website to verify that the USVI is a territory. They have Puerto Rico in the "state" drop down list, and Puerto Rico is a territory also. So i know they can add it, but instead they "copied and paste" a reply form thier creditors instruction page and sent it to me. When I sent another email telling them of the error, they sent a reply saying they already answer my question. So I sent another email explaining to them they did not answer my question. They then sent a "copied and paste" reply from thier Creditor instruction page stating they are not a lawyer, and that I should get and attorney. WHY DO I NEED AN ATTORNEY! WHY CANT THEY JUST UPDATE THIER STATES LIST. All of thier repsonses are automated. The system looks at key words in your and then spits out dumb replies. If a human had read my emails, Im certian they would have understood my request. I am going to ask a for a refund because I am not going to pay for forms that I know will be incorrect due to an error that they refuse to fix.

  23rd of Dec, 2011
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thanks guys I was about to make the same mistake filling through this so call Bridgeport Bankruptcy, today is my Lucky day once again I thank you guys for this comment

  29th of Jan, 2015
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I had thought about filing bankruptcy at one point and time. I paid this company for their services (2011) and within 24 hours decided it wasn't the route I wanted to go. After begging and pleading for my money back because I didn't require their services, never received any paperwork or any type of information, they refused to give me my money back. Would not even communicate with me in any way. I couldn't believe it! Although they made way with my money, I didn't file bankruptcy and obviously from the looks of it they are truly going to need the money for all the lawsuits coming their way! Good luck to everyone out there that this company has done wrong to!!!

  1st of Sep, 2015
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I filed a per se bankruptcy in 2011 using the software from this company. I have to say I have absolutely no complaints about it. After filling in the forms - which by the way were very easy to do - they sent the forms that I filed with the court. As it turns out I was the ONLY per se filer that the court saw that day - out of 87! The court person (can't think of his title right now) said that I did a really good job with the forms. The only thing missing was a LOCALLY used form that they handed to me to complete. I turned it in to the court the next day and the bankruptcy went right through. I am sorry for all the folks who have had problems - but I feel fortunate to have spent less than $400 for the bankruptcy ($150 for the software, $225 for the filing). Thank You Bridgeport!

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