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I purchased a pink wedding gown and slip in late December 2005. After taking my measurements I called a service rep. to discuss the size of the dress since according to there size chart I would order a size 12 dress...I am a size 6. The service rep assured me that a size 12 would be the size I would order. However the dress didn't fit and was poorly sewn. The trim and bead work of the bodice were not even attached to the dress in some spots. Infact it was so large it would ruin the look of all the bead work if altered to fit my size 6 frame.

Plus, I had to pay an additional $65.00 shipping fee to put a rush on the dress since the expected ship date was mid March (my date was March 25, 2006). Paying the extra $65.00 made the rush delivery date mid February. I paid the extra $65.00 and to my surprise I received the dress within two weeks (late December). That tells me the dress was already hanging in the warehouse and didn't need the extra $65.00 rush delivery fee.

I contacted the evening I recieved the dress( within the return policy 2 business day time frame). They replied in a lengthy email and gave me options to look into and told me to let them know. I contacted dress shops in my hometwon and independant alteration locations. No one would touch the dress either because I purchased it online or because it was so large and needed to be taken in several sizes. I called and they wouldn't accept that I wanted to return the dress. I knew I would have a 15% restocking fee and that I couldn't return the slip. That wasn't a problem, but they wouldn't let me return the wedding dress since it was past 2 business days since I had recieved the dress even though I had contacted them the day I received the dress to let them know it was HUGE and I wasn't satisfied.

Buyer beware of The merchandise was not in good quality and the company would not return the dress even though I was within the time period they state they will accept returns.

BRIDES...your day is too special to waste it on an unprofessional online company that does not provide excellent customer service and will scam the consumer.

A very unsatisfied customer,

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  • Br
      31st of Aug, 2010
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    I too had a horrible experience with this company. I purchased a gown in 2005. I knew that I'd be vacationing outside of the country somewhere close to the delivery date and was aware that they only allow a 48 hour window for returns and refunds. I called and called relentlessly to try to pin down a delivery date but was always assured by the rep that I'd receive an email confirming its arrival prior to delivery. Long story short, they never emailed me and never even confirmed that it had already gone out when I was calling nonstop. When I arrived home, the dress had been delivered 3 days earlier and was very ill fitting and the material seemed very flimsy and cheap. Quite naturally, I was not allowed to return it, even though it was their fault that I missed the delivery date. They even had the ordacity to insult my intelligence by insisting that they had in fact, emailed me and I must have missed it. As for the constant calling, they claimed they had no record of my calling in at all(I had phoned AT LEAST 10 times on 10 different days before my departure). When I asked them to forward the original confirmation email back to me for my review, they actually typed up a bogus letter in Word and inserted a date on there. Guess they thought I was stupid enough to believe that was the same as forwarding it. After talking to a manager, I quickly understood that I was dealing with people who were totally unsympathetic to my situation and who were working in conjunction to cover up their own mistake. I counted it as a loss and a lesson learned.

  • Ta
      5th of Sep, 2008
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    I too had a very bad experience with there customer service. I paid a deposit and was told that I would be called and informed that my card would be carged again at the date they have givin me. Then two days before that date money was missing out of my account. Called the bank and was told about that bridesave had taken it out. Then when I called to ask why they had done that and they really had no answer. Also I was told at that time that my dress was on its way. That day came and went a week had passed called them back and was told that I was not getting my dress because I had acused them of fraud!!! What the heck!!! Are you serious!!! But at this time I just wanted my dress. So I said ok I was sorry about that not going to do it (sorry for what? I have no idea.) But when my dress did get here in was ok but I was always thinking about the other birdes that didnt have the time that I had to fix the situation. Also made in crazy in the prosses! When I tell other people about this they are like that sounds like a joke but no joke at all!

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2007
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    I also had a bad experience with Bridesave.Com - after ordering a dress and choosing the option to pay for it outright after a week of ordering I decided to cancel and expected to loose only the deposit amount, they refused to refund any money yet admitted if I had only chosen the deposit option that I would have only lost that amount!!? As a result I decided to proceed as it was fully paid for and when the dress arrived the quality was awful, the satin was very flat and the dress fitted fine at the waist but was huge in the bust area. I just bit the bullit on this one and have learned from the experience as it was too expensive to return the dress as there are still no guarantees they would take it back and the return policy was very contradicting I did not want to risk loosing any more money.

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