Brides GalleryWorst company on earth

NEVER BUY A DRESS FROM BRIDES GALLERY. This company is an authorized retailer of DaVinci wedding dresses yet they purchased the dress from another DaVinci retailer because they could get the dress for less. This retailer sent the dress to Brides Gallery stating it was an authentic DaVinci, which is then sent to my daughter. When received my daughters knows at first glance the dress is not authentic. We take pictures and send to Brides Gallery. From the pictures Brides Gallery agrees the dress was not authentic, and says they were misled by this retailer. What is disturbing is Brides Gallery could tell by the pictures it was not authentic, as they had not gotten the dress back yet. Why then when they received the dress and inspected the dress they could not tell it was a FAKE??? The dress did not have the DaVinci labels or even a size. We feel as an authorized dealer Brides Gallery knew it was not authentic but chose to send it anyway. Brides Gallery offers a 100% guarantee stating they will immediately refund your money if the right dress is not received. Well they are not doing that. They want us to wait three more weeks while they order an authentic dress. This is bad business and I just want all you brides-to-be not to get stuck like this. NEVER buy from Brides Gallery on-line.


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