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Bridal Shop in Essex / The New Beginnings - Bridal Shop in Essex

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Having only decided to get married January this year. I went to the Bridal Shop in my home town beginning of February.

Wedding booked for July this year, very excited and didn't have a clue what the process was? Entered the Bridal Shop named above and was greeted by one of the shop assistance, asking me had I made an appointment, that I must make an appointment. I only went in to browse.

I went to leave the shop quickly, make an easy exit and the assistance shouted out, 'Where do you think your going?'. I re-entered and was asked when the big day was, I informed the assistant in six months. She said I was a naughty girl and needed at least twelve months to organise and sort out my dress etc.

She then dragged me into the changing room and they started to bring in different dresses for me to try on. I was very embarrassed (not matching underwear etc).

By the third dress, amazingly I feel in love with it, Tiara and then veil all feel into place, even the shoes, plus my sisters' bridesmaid dress was picked out.

I then placed an order, quick as you little I was out the door, having paid for my dress and all the other accessories. I contacted my sister to say that we needed her to come and try the dress I picked out on, booked an appointment for us both.

So this is now my second visit to the shop, all nice sister liked dress, both our measurements were taken and advised that both dresses will be available in June. Paid for everything now, my sisters dress also.

The shop therefore had received all payments, balance was Nil.

Received call stating my dress in now, but sisters didn't need ordering as her dress was already in the shop. I thought that a bit odd considering I was told that it needed to be ordered. Arranged for both myself and sister to try dresses on.

When arrived at the shop, was then told that only my dress had arrived, Manager stated that it was a missed communication, I was not listening. That annoyed me and I looked disappointed. Sister was OK, even though it took her two hours to get to me.

I went into the dressing room and put the dress on, they got my veil out for me and then stated that the Tiara was missing, this worried me but didn't bother then, They then asked me to check the cabinets and see if my one was in there? I explained that my Tiara was already paid for and should not be on show. My shoes were too tight and therefore had to order the next size up. My sisters dress, tiara or shoes were not in yet.

We then asked about the veil and dress, 'How do we get the creases out?' the assistant said to place the hairdryer on them or place in bathroom when running a bath. It shocked me about the hairdryer.

They eventually found my Tiara, it was in the bag all along with the veil, heart was back in it's place and out of my mouth!

The manager stated, she couldn't believe how calm I was about everything and apologised for the mishap. I therefore had to arrange for my sister to visit another time once the dress arrived.

Received call from the manager stating sisters dress has arrived.

Received call stating my shoes (next size up) and sisters shoe were in, I asked assistance if sisters shoes were dyed lilac, girl said No. I explained that we only have four weeks to go am worried nothing will be ready in time.

Received call stating sisters shoes now in and tiara, but the tiara has blue crystals and not lilac, lady tried to get them as close as she could to the colour lilac. Said I needed to check them first make sure that it looked OK, plus my sisters shoes.

Booked in for dress fitting with designs, alteration lady upstairs. Whilst there tried on dress, perfect and shoes (next size up). Checked sisters shoes and they looked fine, had concern about sisters shoes though and asked the assistant in shop, she said that if they don't fit to get her to wear sling back shoes. I had to explain that the shoes were sling back and she just said squeeze them in.

Sister had appointment last Saturday for fitting. I was unable to attend away (Hen Weekend), received call Monday from sister saying how bad the fitting went. She was presented with a dress so large, it swamped her. The manager asked her if she had lost alot of weight? Then remarked oh no you haven't have you, (how rude!), the dress was a size 18 and my sister is at least a size 14 the most. The manager would not look my sister in the eye and stated that she had the correct measurements and the chart was right. My sisters' husband was disappointed with the way the shop manager was talking and didn't want to accept responsibility for the large mistake. My sisters' husband walked out the shop because he was so disguised with the way the manager was talking to my sister.

The dress alteration lady was shocked and the assistant, because they got my sister to try on a size 10 dress, so you could see the difference in the sizes.

The manager said she would pay for the alterations but that I had to pay for the hem to be taken up.

I decided to go into the shop once the phone with my sister had finished and get my money back on the shoes that didn't fit my sister, plus ask about my sisters tiara as they told her it would be ready today.

I went into the shop and asked about the refund, the manager said that I needed the credit card to place the money back, my fiance popped back home to get it. The manager then went on about how rude my sisters' husband was, abusive and shouting in the shop in front of customers. She also stated that I left it all too late, as most brides book twelve months in advance, her tone of voice was aggressive and she wouldn't give me eye contact. I told her that I didn't understand how my sisters' dress was a size 18, when clearly she is at least a size 14. She again repeated herself from Saturday, stating the chart was correct and so were the measurements. She asked me to go outside or upstairs to discuss this as I was being abusive and aggressive to her. I was shocked by these comments and stated that I had not sworn or been abusive to her. That I was really upset and disappointed with the way things have gone. It is also stressful for me! I said that I didn't understand was my dress was OK and my sisters wasn't. She stated that I was just lucky with mine. I told her that if I didn't have enough time with all my orders, why did she take my custom and money? She didn't reply.

I left the shop shaking and wanting to cry, I cannot believe that she is blaming me for the errors that she and her staff have been doing. I am really worried about my sisters dress and my dress as they are still in the shop. I cannot pick my dress up until 4 days before my wedding and my sisters dress cannot be fitted until the day before the wedding.

I would suggest for anyone wanting to buy a dress at this shop, make sure you do not pay the full balance until nearer your wedding day. They treat you with no respect, no guidance, no helpfulness at all. I am really surprised that the manager is still in business. I think she needs to attend a Customer Services Course, go back to school.

Whatever has happened to the Customer comes first?


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