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Bridal Elegance / seamstress nightmare

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I purchased a 2, 000.00 wedding dress for my daughter in November of 2007. They insisted on ordering a size too big (even though the dress had a corset tie in the back to adjust) told us she could make adjustments to her liking, and then after the 1st fitting they told my daughter they could not take in the bust area on the dress anymore because it had beading. We had ordered and paid for an added slip ($65.00 and added organza $50.00) during the first fitting, a veil $200.00, a tiara $100.00, and paid a seamstress fee of $300.00, a total of approx $2700.00 plus tax. .During the second fitting the dress did not look like it did during the first fitting. My daughter and I asked the seamstress who is also the owner, where the added slip was that we had ordered. She insisted the slip was sewn in to the dress, and the additional orgasnza was sewn in with the slip. But we were very unhappy with the look of the dress so we had to lower some of the pick ups on the dress that we had originally lifted during the first fitting. Needless to say my daughter was very unhappy and we told the owner that this would have to be the final fitting as my daughter was getting married in Florida and the hemming on the bottom of the dress would have to be perfect. The owner/seamstress was very pre-ocupied with other customer's who were shopping the store(she only had 1 sales person on the floor)and kept walking away (later told me on the phone when I complained the reason why she walked away was because my daughter and I were argueing. We were trying to decide how the dress would look best, and the owner/seamstress kept walking away instead of helping, and had the attitude that she did not care, and that we were taking up her time after she had all our money, and we had an appointment. My daughter had to fly up from Florida for the fittings because that is where she lives and that is where the wedding was. She was moving back to NY when we originally bought the dress and then her fiance at the time, decided to stay in Florida. When I went back to pick up the dress to take to Florida for my daughter, the owner/seamstress told me she had the slip upstairs after telling us it was sewn in to the dress...I thought I was going to drop. That is why the dress did not look right after the first fitting, she had completely forgot about the slip and when I reminded her that she told us the slip was sewn in to the dress, she then told me I didn't order a slip. I went through her receipts because I didn't have mine with me, and I showed her that I had paid $65.00 for the slip. She then told me to take the slip and if it didn't work out I could return it. She never hemmed the slip to my daughter's height so I had to cut the slip myself while it was on my daughter the day before the wedding. The hem of the dress was also shorter on the right side, and I had to lower some of the pick ups so that it would be even, and stayed up the night before the wedding sewing the dress myself (I did not arrive in Florida with the dress until the day before the wedding). I called the owner to express my dissatisfaction and requested a refund for the seamstess fee and she told me no because she spent 3 hours on the dress and was not nice about it.

The bottom line is, she insisted on ordering a size too big, told us the slip was sewn in to the dress, she really forgot about the slip, and tried to tell me I didn't order one after she told me she had to get the slip from upstairs. Then the dress was shorter on one side than the other. All she cared about was that she had her money. This is not good customer service and I want to prevent anyone else from receiving this kind of treatment. Almost 3, 000.00 is not cheap to spend on a dress, and we should have been treated alot nicer during this special time in my daughter's life. It was a living nightmare for us but in the end my daughter looked beautiful after my alterations and stuffing her bra with socks, so the bust area on the dress would not look to big.

We would discourage anyone from shopping there for their special wedding day.

A Wedding Dress Nighmare

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      27th of Jul, 2008
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    11/17/2007 – Nicole and her mother, Ana, ordered gown #5401, designed by Christina Wu, in ivory size 10 for a 5/31/2008 wedding . The bride measured 35.5 bust, 29 waist, 39.5 hip. The designer’s measurements for a size 10 are 36 bust, 28 waist, 40.5 hip. A size 8 is 1.5 inches smaller & would have been too small at the time when we measured. The price of the dress was $1790.00. The bride was extremely happy with the dress as per the sample.

    3/29/2008 – The Bride, Nicole came in for her first fitting at 3PM. When we brought the dress into the dressing room, her mother, Ana, told me the dress was not the same as the sample she ordered. I pulled out the sample and she verified it was indeed exactly the same. We started the fitting and then the fighting started. Mother and daughter disagreed on everything. The mother wanted the skirt much fuller in the front than in the back; I told her that was not a good idea. Then the mother had the bride try on an extra slip. Then she had her take it off, then on, then change the slip to another one, then try a hoop, then go back to the first one - they were making me dizzy. Then the mother wanted me to add more netting (not organza) under the front of the dress. I brought some down from the work room & pinned it in for them. Again it was a fight, “Pin it higher up, no down, no up” etc.
    Then they began to argue over whether to raise the whole skirt from a dropped waist to a normal waist. The mother insisted the dress be made much too tight and she wanted the bust area to have more push up. I told them both that the delicate fabric of the dress made it unwise to make most of the changes they wanted. The bride said maybe we should leave it as is, to which I agreed. In response, the mother started crying and said no one was paying attention to her. I had to walk away from them a few times, I simply did not want to get between a mother and daughter fighting. One of my employees, Susie Bloom, also tried to help, but she soon walked away because the fighting between mother & daughter was escalating and other customers were feeling uncomfortable. They were here until after my 5PM closing, which means this fitting took 2.5 to 3 hours, about 3 times longer than average. The final style changes at the time of the fitting were: raise the skirt six inches, from dropped waist to normal waist, add the extra front netting, make the dress much too tight and build up the bust area. I warned against all of these changes. I also told them if they changed their mind, these changes would be hard to reverse and the removed stitching would leave small holes in this fabric. They ordered and paid for the additional slip, to have additional netting sewn in the dress, and the other aforementioned alterations.

    5/10/2008 - The second fitting began at 1 PM. Immediately after the bride put on the dress and the additional slip, the problems started again. The bride remembered asking for the skirt to be raised, while the mother said that the changes were not what she wanted. Then they asked me to lower the skirt, I told them this would leave marks but they insisted. First they wanted the skirt a little lower, then a little higher, then much lower, then higher, etc. etc. In the end, the waist on the dress was back to the original placement as it came from the designer, which made the skirt 6” longer. As I predicted, the bodice of the dress looked awkward so tight, the seams on the front of the dress were straining, and now there were pinhole marks from the removed stitching. In addition, the extra netting added at the height they wanted looked puffy around the waist to me and others. However, the mother and the bride said the bodice of the dress looked great and they were happy with the waist.
    As a result of these changes, the hem and the bustle had to be done again, because the dress was now 6 inches too long. Most brides have three fittings before taking their gown. When I asked the bride to make a final fitting appointment, the bride told me that was not possible because she was returning to Florida and would not come to New York before the wedding. When she purchased the dress she told me she was moving back to New York from Florida, but apparently that had changed and she was still living in Florida. I told her I could not promise everything would be perfect without seeing her in the dress and, perhaps, making final adjustments. Even under the best of circumstances, this particular hem is difficult to complete (see attached picture). Since there were so many changes to the dress already, and the bride would not come for another fitting, the difficulties were compounded. As she was leaving, the bride told me she was sure the dress would be fine and she would have her mother pick up the dress and transport it to Florida.
    Again they had stretched their appointment to more than 2 ½ hours and my next appointments had arrived and were waiting. The woman who had the 2PM appointment was upset at how the mother and daughter were arguing and expressed this to me her when 2PM fitting finally started at 3PM. I spoke to this customer recently; she remembers the whole scene and will back me up on what happened.

    5/21/2008 – The pick up. The bride’s mother came in to pick up the dress, without the bride. I showed it to her and proceed to pack up the dress, slip, and accessories. At this time the mother said that she did not remember the slip at the second fitting and she thought the “organza” was sewn in the dress. I explained to her that we do not use organza as a sew in slip, organza is a dress fabric. We did in fact, at her request, sew in the netting in the front of the dress that she paid $50.00 for and the slip she paid $65.00 was worn under the dress. This is an additional garment and not sewn in. She then said she did not think the bride needed the slip. I told her if the bride does not want to wear it she could return it for a full refund. As of this date, she has yet to return the slip.

    A few days after pickup – The mother called to tell me the dress was all wrong. I asked if the bride had tried it on yet. She told me the dress was still in New York and the bride is in Florida and had not tried it on. I asked her how she could know it was wrong without the bride trying it on. She ignored my question and began to list off “problems” she could not possibly know without seeing the bride in the dress. The mother then demanded I refund all the alteration charges, which totaled $300.00 Alterations are capped at $300.00; this includes hem, bustle & bodice (all of which were done twice). She also wanted a refund for the slip. I told her again that she could return the slip, but the alterations were not going to be refunded.

    In total, our shop spent about 6 hours fitting this dress. This was compounded by many, many hours altering and re-altering because of their mother/daughter conflict. In fact we should have charged her extra for restyling the dress, which is not included in our alteration cap. However, I decided to waive this fee just to get them to finally agree and stop disrupting my business.
    We do our best to satisfy all our customers, but some people have too many
    inner issues & conflicts and no matter what we do they cannot be pleased.

    Phyllis Limmer
    Bridal Elegance

  • Re
      7th of Sep, 2008
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    $1790 for Christina Wu 5401?!?!? I paid $790 for mine in white and I thought that the price was too marked up. I could have bought is online for as little as $500. I bought a hoop skirt and shoes to avoid any alterations on the dress at all, since I knew it would be a nightmare to alter. I could not imagine paying $2700 total for this dress (though it is absolutely stunning). My aunt took care of the bustling, and that alone was A LOT of work. This is a lot of dress we're talking about and the pick ups on the skirt make it even more difficult. For the amount of alterations done on this dress, $300 is very cheap. My bridal shop tried to get me to buy a 10 also, but I still went with an 8, because the sample was an 8 and it looked perfect in my opinion. No madder what they recommend, it is always the bride's decision on what size to order. That alone would have saved a lot of alterations if that was the look the bride was going for. The dress is absolutely beautiful, and I don't know why anyone would try to change anything about it! However, I completely understand the disatisfaction. If a slip was ordered, then they should have had the bride try it on with the dress at the fitting. That IS a big deal. That could change to total look of things. It also would have ensured that the slip was hemmed to the right length!! It's little things like that that people shouldn't have to deal with the night before the wedding. But hey, everything about planning a wedding causes a little stress, right?

  • Ro
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    Bridal Elegance - Violation of Signed Contract
    Bridal Elegance
    New York
    United States

    I highly advise any woman who is shopping for her bridal gown - to shop elsewhere. This store is a recipe for disaster. Transshipment of wedding dresses, unauthorized selling of designer gowns, violation of signed contracts, inaccurate measurements, and rude owner and sales people who blame you for all of their haphazard and hasty mistakes. Save yourself from all of the grief this shop can cause and has caused many woman for years based upon a multitude of horrible online reviews and negative Better Business Bureau complaints. Shop elsewhere!!

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