Brick Work VenturesAwful company

On April 6th, 2009 I was solicited credit services by a Joe Rairie Chief Executive Officer of Brick Work Ventures via email. Mr. Rairie stated what his organization offers is a credit repair program called a credit wipe. He stated with this service that anything negative which is on my credit report can be removed. Once the items were removed his organization would assist in procuring a line of credit in the upwards of $175, 000 within 15 days after his credit sweep service was completed. The total cost for this service was quoted as $4200 with a deposit of $1200 due upfront via wire transfer or bank deposit, and the remaining amount paid out of funding. I agreed to use this service on grounds of using credit card or the use of an escrow service. Mr. Rairie responded in stating “As much as I do understand your position of wanting to use an escrow account or credit card, we do not accept either of those any longer. As much as you may have been deceived, imagine working with many clients all desperate for cash. We have been deceived more than I care to admit and that is why we only accept check deposits directly into our account or wires. It is safe, secure and trackable. I apologize if that is an issue, but it is the only way we accept payments as of August 2008. We offer our service agreements to keep all of our transactions legal and contracted." I began doing research on Joe Rairie and Brick Work Ventures to discover there were no complaints with the attorney general, the internet, and the BBB. I also discovered his corporation was registered with the California Department of Corporations as well as the chamber of commerce. After trying to plead with Mr. Rairie to use credit card or escrow I then agreed to use his service on his payment terms and was supplied with an account number for his bank. The amount of $1200 was deposited to the account of Joe Rairie. I was sent a contract as well as a form to fill out listing all accounts and account numbers on my credit file. I was also instructed to signup for a credit monitoring service at Credit Check Total I filled out all information, emailed all forms back, signed up for credit monitoring service, and supplied him the login information. Mr. Rairie advised me to make sure all account numbers are correct as the representative who completes this credit service simply types in the account information and removes the account. I have been trying to contact Mr. Rairie since 4/18/2009 to receive an update on this service. Since this date I have been supplied with the excuse of email corruptions. Mr. Rairie has not advised me of any updates and is now not responding to any my emails or any phone calls. The last email I received was dated 5/4/2009 stating “I would gladly respond to your email within 24 hours with an update if you give me that time. This is your second email today. First off, there aren't really worth while updates on Mondays. I will get you the update when I get an update tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay. Sent from my iPhone" I have demanded a full refund from Mr. Rairie he continues to refuse to respond. I have been defrauded by him and his organization.


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