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BRIANS LANDSCAPING / Fence Installation gone bad

1 20 Mystic LaneHereford Douglasville, PA, United States

I inquired about this man intalling a fence on my property. He gave me a buisness card and I contacted him for and estimate and discuss the type of fence I wanted to purchase from store. He was only to do the install. He measured the property looked at the style of fence that I wanted and gave me a Proposal. He said once the fence arrived the job would be complete in 1 week. I gave him a check for 600.00 for supplies.
On November 9th proposal was reviewed for Brian Rowland to install my PVC Fence. He was given a check for $600.00 Check # 653 (see attached carbon for check)for Purchase of Cement and the gate for my fence that he was going to supply, or he was going to have someone he knew build the gate with my gate kit that I purchased. Brian told me that he would start the install that week and it should take about a week to complete.
(For the record to this date 12/1/2008, I saw 1 bag of cement and no gate; no panels were missing when I returned the fence to the store)
He cashed the Check for 600.00 on November 12, 2008(See attached bank statement)
In the span of 2 weeks from the Monday November 10th to the 18th I had no fence installed and was given excuse such as.
1. “The cost of cement in this area is very high, I am called around and I found a place in Pottstown that has it cheaper, so I am going to get it there. “
2. “The fence that you got has older hardware and I do not have the tool that is needed to put the panels on, I have a buddy that has the tool I need and I am going to get it from him.”
3. Lowes sent of the 38 total panel 8 were smaller in size, this took a few days to get straightened out but they did finally bring the right ones, Brian is trying to take credit for straitening that out only because he was there when the Lowes delivery guy brought the correct stuff. Brian also claims the Lowes shorted me on the hardware; this is incorrect, when I returned the fence all was accounted for. He fixed nothing! My Point is, even with 30 correct panels he did not install any fence until NOVEMBER 19, 2008.
This man lives next to my mother and on the days that he was a no show to work on my fence I would call and ask her if his truck is in his driveway and it was.

On November 19, 2008, the fence was started 3 posts and 2 panels. That looked horrible; the posts were not square to the house. Not all hardware was put in the panels; the end post was at an angle which would make the straight run down the side of the yard impossible. And the main reason for me installing this fence is to keep my dogs in the yard; the outcome of these 2 panels does not satisfy that as you can see by the attached pics. When I got home from work that day I was not happy with the Progress or the craftsmanship at this point. When my boyfriend came over and saw the panels he was furious. He contacted Brian Himself and what was discussed I do not know.
On Friday, November 21st 2008 at 8:54 am I contacted Brian by phone and told him not to do anymore installation of the fence at my house. I would contact him later to discuss because I was at work.
On Monday, November 24th 2008 at 10:33am I called Brian’s Home phone # and left a message that I am going to return the fence and I do not need him to finish the install and I would like to get my money back to please call me so we can discuss. (Called my mom again when I got the answering machine again his truck was in his driveway.)
Got no response back.
On Wednesday November 26th 8:38 am called Brian’s home again and left a message that if I do not hear from him by the end of the day, I will be going to the magistrate to get my money back.(again truck is in the driveway)
On Friday November 28th received a call back from Brian from a withheld # at 8:25am and he left a message on my phone stating that, He does not work for free, he has time invested in the job.
I called him back Friday November 28th @ 8:29 and got the machine of course, and told him that I do not expect him to work for free but he does not have $600.00 worth of time invested in this, I also cannot afford to give $600.00 away for a job not done.
I have not heard from him since, I left one final message on November 30th at 6:22 Pm giving him the benefit of the doubt to settle this but have not heard back from him.

All messages and call log can be heard or seen on my cell phone.

I have all documentation and pics availble for review of the unprofessional matter this guy handle his business. Also he works with NO INSURANCE.

I have gone to the local Magistrate and a court hearing was set up. BRIAN ROWLAND did not show. Judgement was given to me by default but I have not nor it seems will I ever see my money returned.

He not only is trying to start his own business that is not even a tax paying business he works for another landscaping company in the Douglasville, Pottstown, area. BEWARE.

HIS NAME IS BRIAN ROWLAND, Brians Landscaping is a scam

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