Brian R Johnson Electrician (952) 460-3397Incompetent unsafe terrible Electrician

Brian R Johnson Electrician [protected] Eagleview Ln, Farmington, MN [protected]
Licensed electrician state of man laid off from South Side Electric, hired to do a side job on my home for cash, caused a major fire and nearly killed my family, due to a poor wiring job, sloppy, fast, haphazard installation, and terrible workmanship, did not listen to my concerns or how I wanted the location of my electric devises and I'am the customer! Beware of this Electrician, no recourse due to cash sale.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Farmington, MNDenied responsibility angry Combative, abusive, argumentitive, awful person. This was a tragic experience for my whole family and this person has no remorse.BEWARE, BE CAREFUL, WATCH OUT FOR THIS TERRIBLE ELECTRICIAN
If you care about your safety watch out for this guy and hire a competent electrical contractor, wherever and if Brian Johnson is working beware of him being sent to your site, ask your contractor who he is sending, for your own safety!


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