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Brian Jones of Marlon Ave. in Absecon, aged 32, got me pregnant in 2008 after a few months of dating. He proposed, we planned a wedding, then he disappeared. He showed up at ACMC Pomona on February 5, 2008 to see our son, now aged 17 months, signed the birth certificate, and disappeared again. He changed his phone number, etc.

I filed for child support and found out that he's in the system for unpaid child support for FOUR other children.

His mother, BARBARA JONES, claims that she has not heard from nor seen her son in all this time. I doubt it, but whatever. The courts sent supoena's to his address and to hers, and recieved no response.


If you know him and where he is, please respond. I take care of our son, I'm not on welfare, but I believe that both parents should contribute financially to the upbringing of a child. I love my son, and don't regret him for a second, I just wish his father had the balls to step up.

If you are a young woman, especially a vulnerable one (I was recently widowed and had lost two children when Brian came into my life) STEER CLEAR. He talks a good game, but it's all lies. His house, boat, bike, and truck are all in his mother's name, he doesn't work, he just lets his mother pay for everything while claiming it all to be his hard earned property/life.

It's ALL LIES. He is a LIAR and he will take advantage of anyone. I hope he rots for how he treated me, his children, and the other mothers, whoever they are.

If you know his whereabouts, please contact me at [protected] you can remain anonymous. I just want to find him so the courts can do thier job and make him do HIS job as a father.

Thank you.


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      May 01, 2010

    Brian Jones is not just a deadbeat father, he's a father who beats women and children. May he rot in hell.

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