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Brian hay Detective Superintendent / Ignored or protected organised crime syndicates

1 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay has for a decade ignored or protected organized crime syndicates operating from the gold Coast.
Brian hay and his boss A Commissioner Gayle Hogan have been responsible for allowing organized crime to flourish from the gold Coast when they were responsible for policing the area.
Every cop in Australia knows what has gone on the gold Coast especially with the Queensland fraud Squad.
Protecting or ignoring organized crime is not acceptable and Brian Hay should be held to account.
Mick Featherstone is an ex fraud squad copper who appears to have been involved in many scams on the gold Coast. many of these scams were ignored by Brian hay - why - this is the subject of a full scale independent inquiry - we will see how independent as everyone knows what has gone on in the most corrupt police force in Australia.
Sean O'Dalaigh (now going by the name John Daly) and Steo Keating (now going by the name Steo Ceitinn and Steo's brother in law Anthony Hartnett openly ran many scams from the gold Coast which the Fraud Squad have admitted to knowing about for a decade.
Thousands of people scammed and millions lost because corrupt or incompetent police would not do their job - in fact they threatened anyone who questioned them.
Brian Hay - this man needs to answer some very serious questions - hundreds of millions of dollars worth of scams on his watch and he did NOTHING - except threaten anyone who complained about his lack of action.
LTC Services, AIC International, Synergy Financials, Sansar, S-Connect, Princept Trading, Baranstone, Apple investments just a very few of the scams helped by Brian hay and Gayle Hogan of the Queensland Police Service.

Brian hay Detective Superintendent
Brian hay Detective Superintendent
Brian hay Detective Superintendent
Brian hay Detective Superintendent
Brian hay Detective Superintendent

Jun 22, 2015

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