Brentart / Tear in new spa cover by maintenance man, continued lies about reimbursement and replacement

After contracting American Craftsman Pools and Spas, spring maintenance was performed on my new spa. The maintenance person left his keys on the spa cover while talking on his cell phone, as he was flipping over one half of the cover to clean the spa. The keys left an indentation and tear in the new cover. The owner of the company, Craig Sollom agreed to replace the cover. He told me to make a template or tracing of the corners and send it to him after long months and many phone calls to resolve the problem. I consulted with The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals about the problem and was told in an email that the owner should replace the cover, as winter and the elements would ruin it. It has been nearly a year after the incident, Mr. Sollom has not replaced the cover and has avoided me every time I've tried to contact him. I am presently going to try to get compensation in Small Claims Court.

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