Brent Runyan, "Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting"crazy, psychopath, deluded

Brent Runyan, “ Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting “ is crazy, psychotic, nutcase and a homophobic religious bigot

I am writing this [redacted] to warn people and future business not to do business with Brent Runyan, “Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting”. I tried to business with him and it was the biggest mistake of my career. I am a small business and I was looking for a telemarketer to set B2B appointments to increase sales for my business. I found Brent Runyan, Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting on Craigslist and he seemed to very knowledgeable and had the experience that I was looking for in a Telemarketer. We talked on the phone several times and I explained to him what my needs were and to try to Negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement with him for his our negotiations he wanted all the money upfront for his services and I didn’t want to do that. This is where things went crazy. Here is all the E-mails that we exchanged and I will let the E-mails speak to what type of person Brent Runyan, “ Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting” is.

Feb 18 at 6:27 PM From Brent Runyan
I will not be manipulated and I know that people who are connected qho have been contacting me. I don’t know what kind of an idiot you people think you are dealing with, but I am tired of playing idiotic games.

Feb 18 at 8:06 PM from David Hjorth
Hi Brent! Did you send this E-mail to me by mistake?? If you didn't, What are you talking about?? You are not making any sense. Are you Ok?? I have never tried to manipulate you. The only thing I have done was to explain my Telemarketing needs and to negotiate a agreement that will work for both of us. I have to be honest with you about my last conversation I had with you tonight. A huge red flag came up for me about you and your business. I have offered $375 a week base rate plus $10 per set appointment plus 5% of commissions on any closed business that I do if you meet the quota of 10 appointments per week. If you don't hit that then I would pay a 37.50 per Appointment. I would also pay the set up fee and the list costs. Where the red flag came up is when you said you wouldn't accept anything less than me paying all the money upfront for the upcoming week. and than hung up on me real fast. I will not do that. I think its fair to both parties if I pay half the money upfront for the upcoming week and then the rest when you complete the week. I need to be protected if you do not follow through on what you have promised. I think what I have offered is a fair and reasonable compromise. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!!

Feb 18 at 8:34 PM From Brent Runyan
It’s very simple. I made it very clear, its frigging stupid (no offense intended) but I know more about telemarketing than you ever thought about knowing or any of your neardowell college grads, but if you want to figure that out one day at a time – I will be happy to show you

Feb 18 at 8:41 PM from David Hjorth
This is a very weird e-mail. I never claimed or even implied you didn't know anything about telemarketing. Where is this coming from?? Are you ok?? Are you having a bad day?? You never told me your thoughts about my fair and reasonable offer. What are your thoughts? DO YOU WANT the project or not?

Feb 18 at 8:37 PM From Brent Runyan
What you see as a red flag. Is what I see as lightweight pieces of garbage. Man do you not get it! Go on – pay mornons to get little results. You bare way out of yourn league and I have an increasing hatred for morman stupidity.

Feb 18 at 8:41 PM From Brent Runyan
My friend. I love you but your head is either up your rearend or you need to take a frigging hike. By the way if you are a lying pecece of garbage Morman just tell me and we will forget about it!

Feb 18 at 8:44 PM From Brent Runyan
[censor] you! You [censor]ing lying piece of [censor] morman. Oh you didn’t figure ity out? Let me spell it out – you are a [censor] liar and you and you piece of [censor] lying [censor] morman friends can eat [censor]!

Feb 18 at 8:51 PM From Brent Runyan
eat [censor] you pathetic lying [censor] – alonmg with all of your lying demonized friuends of that pathetic false prophet child molesting piece of gwrbage joseph smith. is that clear enough for you?

Feb 18 at 9:09 PM David Hjorth
Hi Brent! I feel sorry for you and I am sorry you feel this way. I have done nonething wrong in this situation. I don't understand you. This is definitely a cry for help. You have gone off the deep end and you need to get some sort of mental counseling or go to a physiatrist. I would be happy to help you find some help if you want me to. If you don't, I understand. I will pray for you and I hope nonething but the best for you

Feb 18 at 9:14 PM From Brent Runyan
eat [censor] you pathetic lying [censor] – along with all of your lying demonized friends of that pathetic false prophet child molesting piece of garbage joseph smith. is that clear enough for you? I am a businessman but I don’t deal with children of the devil!

Feb 18 at 9:18 PM From Brent Runyan
Feel sorry for yourself!! You don’t even qualify for a [censor]!

Feb 18 at 9:33 PM From David Hjorth
Hi Brent! First of all I am not a Morman. I was trying to be nice and to help you. You definitely need mental help. But I am not going to be nice anymore to you. Guess what I am going to do. I am going to do a [redacted] about you and your business with every single e-mail you have sent me to try to warn people about you and to get people not to do business with you. and I am going to post the same thing on Craigslist. People and business need to know about you and how you treat other people. I deserve a apology. If I get one, I might reconsider putting you out of business and post your E-mails all over the Internet. Your choice.

Feb 18 at 9:36 PM From Brent Runyan
Well, take it or leave it. I am not dealing with the Mormon I was talking to. So send the money to my Pay Pal account and we have a deal, but if not I don’t want to hear about it. I am 51 years old so I am not a kid And whether or not you understand – I know what I am talking about. I pray for your sake that your neither a Mason nor a Morman

Feb 18 at 9:41 PM From Brent Runyan
Actually a lot of those emails were for a guy name Ronny who is a Mormon. Not a cry for help, but I quickly have a tendency to go crazy with people like him

Feb 18 at 9:43 PM From Brent Runyan
Dare you threaten me, but go ahead. Just pray I never meet you – you piece of [censor] punk m-n and beware – what comes around goes around you feminine sounding pervert [censor].

Feb 18 at 9:46 PM From Brent Runyan
Why don’t you make me laugh you ignorant piece of garbage. I am making a trip to austin soon. See you later [censor].

Feb 18 at 9:50 PM From Brent Runyan
My dog could run a business better than you

Feb 18 at 9:52 PM From Brent Runyan
Hahaha. Putting me out of business. Only a punk like you listens to punks like you. Good luck and thanks for the publicity

Feb 18 at 9:56 PM From David Hjorth
Hi Brent! You have made your choice. I was trying to be nice and give you a chance to help save your business online reputation. You are going to lose thousands of dollars in revenue because people will not do Busines with a nut case. You will go out of business because of this. I will not stop. You will have hundreds of bad reviews on line. You have just messed with the wrong person.

Feb 18 at 10:07 PM From Brent Runyan
I will give you a call when I get to town.

Feb 18 at 10:27 PM From Brent Runyan
Listen, don’t you even begin to threaten me. I am not the least bit afraid of you or your threats but you have reason to be afraid of me. If I called it wrong you have my apology. It’s possible that I made a mistake, but I promise you I take no guff from anyone – and I assure you – that regardless of what you think –You’re not even the beginning of a match for me. Want to find out? Just proceed and see what happens.

Feb 18 at 10:28 PM From Brent Runyan
You messed with the wrong person – effeminate one!.

Feb 18 at 10:31 PM From Brent Runyan
Two can play that game – homoboy – and I have your info. I am well aware of [redacted] – [censor] for brains. But besides that they can not put your [censor] back in place when it gets kicked [censor]

Feb 18 at 11:36 PM From David Hjorth
Hi Brent! Did you know if you verbally threaten somebody with physical harm the police can get involved and charge the person with terroristic threats? Also if it's done by E-mail it gets bumped up to a Federal crime and a class A felony. I just wanted to let you know since you have threatened me with physical harm via e-mail. I am going to call the police and the FBI. You should be arrested in a couple of weeks when I report you and press charges against you. All I have to do is to show them the proof (e-mails) you have sent me. It will be a slam dunk case!! Enjoy being arrested and being put in jail. I haven't forgotten. I am also going to post your e-mails all over the web!!

As you can see Brent Runyan, Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting is a deluded, crazy, psychotic, nutcase and a homophobic religious bigot. He has lost touch with reality. He even called my phone and left a crazy vulgar message cussing me out.
Please post this to every site you can think of to warn people not to do business with Brent Runyan, Fabulous & Affordable Sales, Marketing & Consulting.
Here is his Website : HTTP://
Here is his phone number : [protected]
Here is his Facebook : HTTPs://
Please don’t do business with him. It will be the biggest mistake of your life and make sure you stay away from him.
Thank you for your time reading this!!!

Brent Runyan,

Feb 19, 2015

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