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Brehm Communities / Builder Scams Residents!

1 2714 W. Loker Avenue #200, Carlsbad, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 740-448-2420

Thinking of buying/selling/refinancing a home you bought from Brehm, or in one of Brehm's communities? GUESS AGAIN!!!

This horrendous company boasts of being one of the 'superior' builders in Riverside and other counties. YEAH RIGHT! Heed warning - your home will fall apart 6 months after taking residency! Cracked grout, countertops, flooding, faulty appliances, (a/c units) poor carpet installation, cracked foundation... All part of the package! Make sure you don't custom order. You will find out that they will 'magically' put whatever they feel like in your house instead, and it becomes your problem trying to dispute it. Wrong countertops? Too bad. Wrong tile? Oh well. Good thing you pay ten's of thousands of dollars to customize your home for nothing!

Better yet, Brehm doesn't pay their contractors! As of today's date, nearly 500 homes in Lake Hills Reserve, Riverside have been slapped with nearly $640, 000 in mechanic's liens. Why? Because Brehm alleges that they're in "litigation" with these companies. What does that mean? It could take 5 years to resolve! What else does that mean?

Want to buy a house in Lake Hills Reserve? NOPE!

Want to refinance your house in Lake Hills Reserve? NOPE!

Want to BUY a house in Lake Hills Reserve? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Homeowners basically have no rights, unless we want to fork-over the cash for Brehm and pay the liens ourselves. Better yet, in many cases the homeowners will be in default with their original lien-holders once they find out these liens have been placed against their property. Why? Because your mortgage company doesn't want to be ASSURED that they're getting paid first. If there's another $640K lien against your house, your mortgage holder is worried that they're not getting paid!

So thanks to Brehm, none of us can take advantage of the FHA Streamline programs, the Obama Plan, we can't list/sell our homes, and we could have our mortgages yanked right out from under us! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A PLACE YOU WANT TO LIVE! STAY AWAY!!!

If you've read this, CALL BREHM! The contact person there is Adrianne Nears at the number listed above. She is worthless, but perhaps if enough people call, you can save nearly 500 homeowners from possible default and other repercussions! THIS IS DRASTIC - THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Heed warning!


Lake Hills Reserve Homeowner

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  • Br
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    I live in another Brehm community in Mira Loma, CA in Riverside county. I have had an ongoing problem with the home for over two years which I am still waiting for Brehm to fix. Brehm moved out of the development with no notice to the current residents. I found out that the undeveloped land was bank owned and has now been purchased by a new developer. My house has the wrong tile. When using the jacuzzi tub for the first time, the bath water was dispersed down the back wall of the house. There is a pounding noise that comes from the attic whenever there are strong winds in the area. The issue is still not fixed. The temporary fix offered by Brehm was for me to sleep downstairs until the problem is resolved. I guess I should still be sleeping downstairs since the problem is STILL NOT FIXED ! I had the carpet taken up so due to a strange noise when I stepped on the floor near the fireplace. Brehm addressed the issue by securing the GAS PIPE running under the floor board. The sink in the downstairs bathroom is still cracked. Brehm addressed the issue by putting glue in the crack versus replacing the sink. They have promised to replace the sink...I'm still waiting. The carpet had nails sticking out. As a solution, I was told by Brehm it was best not to walk with bare feet. I requested that some of the molding in the master bedroom get replaced. Brehm came out, replaced the molding but left it unfinished for two weeks. I had to contact them again to get it fixed. I could go on and on and on about the issues with this home but I am sure Brehm not would listen.

  • Ba
      12th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    My wife and I live in five beds, three baths room Brehm home, purchased 2005. Needless, to say we seldom if never use the other bathroom. After a party on Memorial Day 2010, the guest sink was linking, after further review I notice the connecting pipes had uneven cut ends and they just used some type of glued to put the pipes together. See pictures. I’m well pass the 1 or 2 year warranty to get it repaired but I’m still going to try giving the quality of work used.

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