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1 Roodepoort, South Africa
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We had a phone for repair which was collected from us by your Graham Schertel, the phone was returned to us with the job card stating it was repaired. However it still displayed the same fault. After returning the phone again it was stated as uneconomical to repair, next it was out of warranty and then it was repaired by someone and warranty is voided. Now it is stated that it is customer water damage.

The phone is still within the two year warranty period and your Graham Schertel states that there is nothing he can do. We have surety from the user that the phone was never near any water and that it cannot be water damage. Now the repair center wants us to pay R3424.51 to have the phone repaired. What is the next excuse?

I have spoken to the user of the phone who has confirmed that the phone has never been in for any repairs ever and has not been subjected to water of any kind.

Brefco is the owner of the phone/contract and as such any damage or repairs would have been done via Brefco and no such matters ever took place.

Brefco holds contracts for various phones with Vodacom, is this really the type of excuses and service we need to experience and what does the future hold?

Jan 18, 2017

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