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Breeders Direct Akc Retailers / 100% guaruntee

1 Hagerstown, MD, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 301-739-7103

My husband and I bought a English Bulldog in March 2008. We did everything that Breeders Direct said we needed to do once he arrived. We noticed just a couple of months in our puppy was have some difficulty breathing. Of course we took him to the vet who told us the problem was a chest cold. We had the vet do a physical when he first arrived without trouble, and continued throughout the year with all his shots. A short time after the cold dignosis we had him back at the vet for increased difficulty with his breathing. They listened to his lungs but didn't hear any problem. Just to be sure we had them do a chest xray which showed pnumonia and was advised to see a Bulldogs specialist because something just didn't look right on the films.
We took our puppy to see the closest vet that delt mainly with Bulldogs which was over 100 miles away. The doctor there told his trechia was three times smaller that normal and he had an elongated pallet blocking most of the rest of his throat. $800 and four hours later we were taking him home to recouperate. One month later we had him back at the specialists with labored breathing. We were told then he needed to have surgery again because there was additional skin inside the throat giving him trouble, and on top of that, he needed his tonsils removed ASAP. $950 and a day later we were taking him home again. Two months later his one eye was tearing excessivly, so back to the expert. Our puppy needed both eyes operated on because his tear ducts were i the wrong place, and they were blocked. So the following week we brought him in for the surgery. $500 and a couple hours and back home we went.
The next few months were fine and our puppy was happy and playing with the rest of the family. Then one Thursday I noticed he kept running around acting like something was biting him. The next day we had an appointment with our neighborhood vet who told us he had a very bad rash under his tail that looks infected, but our puppy would'nt let anyone near it, so in order to fix it they would have to sedate him. $300 and a couple of hours we were walking back to our house.(right accross the street). After an hour to walk across the street, and another hour to come up the steps he just sat in the living room. Not laying down, but not standing up. Just slumped over. He just din't seem to wake up completly after the sedation. He was so bad the one time he did want to drink so water he had to lay his head on the side of the bowl and drop his tounge in the water.
We watched him all night hoping he would snap out of it. However the following morning he was drooling blood. we call across the street to the vet hospital which had us bring him in ASAP. Within an hour of him in the emergency vet with them working on him the entire time he died
After we composed ourselves we called Breeders Direct to find out what we needed to do to follow through with the 100% guaruntee. vWe followed their directions and faxed them ALL the information from his entire medical history, which was substantial. If you are familiar with their guaruntee guidlines, to be 100% we would have to show that the puppy was continuously sick from genetic or hereditary disease. The vet could not say for certain the cause of death so Breeders Direct said they would only cover 50%. We even had our puppys xrays sent to the leading experts in the vet field, Virginia University which could not say the cause of death and hd those finding sent to Breeders Direct which would not change their decision. We have had six English Bulldogs in our family throughout the years with varied medical issues, none can close to the medical problem we encounted with this puppy in one years time.

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  • De
      7th of May, 2009
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    I think breeders direct is in it only for the money not the well being of the dogs. The are nothing but a broker for puppy mill dogs. I myself was a victim. I am not letting this go and soon there will be a nationally investigation if I have anything to say about it. Please call me if you have been recently scammed by Breeder's Direct. Deb 949-707-1661 or email me at

  • Vi
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    I believed BreedersDirect and their salesperson Brandon. Since I am 75 yrs with various disabilities, I wanted and needed a DOG that was trained, house, leash, socially, etc. My dog, Sam, is a handsome and loving PUPPY and is not at all ready to be a companion dog. I paid over$1000 for this dog and now I am paying over $1000 for Sam to be trained. I called BreedersDirect many time after I received SAM and the receptionist always said 'I 'll have him(Brandon or someone in administration) call you back but it never happaned.

    It was a scam and I feel embarrassed that I was so foolish . Please read the comments that you find on the internet and believe them. Don't buy a dog until you have spent some time with the dog. A delivered dog can be a bigger
    surprise that you expected. Buy a dog locally. Check the reputation of the breeder. Be careful.


  • Ja
      17th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Do not use Breeder's Direct. We are still waiting on a partial refund after months of calling, with promises of return calls that never happen. We are owed a few hundred dollars and they agree that we are owed the money but the MANAGER will not put the credit through. We have the credit card company getting involved now and I will start to complain on every site that I can find. So hopefully people will stay away from this fradulant company will lose business.

  • In
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    "Lies ! Lies I tell ya, you guys killed your dog and just want to rid yourselves of the guilt"

    Does that seem like what you are being told?

    If it were me, and I realize It's not, but if it were, I would not stop with a few posts on a web site that few will read and that they could care less about. What would I do? I'll tell ya;

    1. Write them a letter,

    Gwendolyn Camille Pendland, Owner
    c/o Breeders Direct, LLC
    3900 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 101
    Hollywood, Florida 33021

    2. Call them, (954) 237-2285 (Number they have posted on Yahoo) or (800) 315-8995 (number on their website.

    3. Fax them a complaint @ (866) 307-9444 (from website)

    4. Contact your Attorney General and complain.

    5. Contact the Florida Attorney General and complain,

    Office of Attorney General
    State of Florida
    The Capitol PL-01
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

    6. File a complaint online,

    7. File a complaint with Federal Government @

    8. File a written complaint with the Federal Trade Commission @

    Also when contacting the FTC, indicate the website states "Our owners have been in the pet industry for over 30 years and we’re the pioneers in online pet sales". Well, not true at all. The owners have NOT been in pet business more than a few years at most. FBI can easily verify this. Mainly connected to a drug operation from what I read. Again, the FBI should be able to verify this as there is a federal case on line that talks about this.

    These are just a few of the things I would do. Don't be afraid to post the negative stuff, if its true, tell people about it. If they don't like negative press, let them change their behavior.

    Peace out :-)

  • As
      17th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is all NOT even attempt to buy a puppy from Breeders Direct. They scammed me out of over $1300 in April. I'm still trying to get my money back. I followed their policy as well. The day after I put in my order, my husband "surprised" the family with another puppy. We were both playing the surprise game, but he surprised first. I called right away to cancel. They were entited to keep 15% per the agreement. They sent me something to sign and fax back regarding the 15%. I obliged. I have yet to see a penny of the balance. This is most certainly a SCAM!!! I wish I had seen postings like these back in the spring. When you call they say the manager will call you back and you NEVER get a call back. They put you on hold and NEVER return to you on the phone. There is always an excuse, always a put-off. I would pay many times what they own me in legal fees just to get 'em, and that may just be how it plays out. I WILL get my money way or another.

  • Ka
      15th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have had no problems with my english bulldog. The problem with my case is that it has been 9 months and I still havent recieved the papers on my dog. Everytime we call its been a different length of time. First it was 3-4 months, then it was 6-8 months and we still havent recieved any paper work.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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