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Breeder / Rip Off

1 520 1st Ave, Mekinock, ND, Mekinock, ND, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 2187910769

My husband and I recently went about finding a large breed dog because we have a Saint Bernard and we wanted to get a friend for her. We found Annas website and it was well put together..or you might say DECEPTIVE would be another word for it. We drove 4.5 hours to meet Anna and purchase a Great Dane puppy. She had told us beforehand that this particular puppy had a hernia surgery beforehand and it would "never affect him for the rest of his life."

We met her at a gas station of HER choice and we had to wait about 45 minutes for her to get there because she was late. We were parked towards the front of the building under a camera waiting. She arrived with her husband, wearing sweat pants, a large t-shirt, slippers and her hair thrown up. They asked us to meet them way out at the other side of the parking lot. Basically where there were no cameras. We refused this and had them come to the building. She didn't let us see the dog until we had signed the contract. She let us look at him through her car window. Once we got the money out, she picked him up and refused to let us hold him or even put him down until we gave her the money. Her excuse was she wasn't letting "HER puppy touch the ground where there was a pile of oil and antifreeze." There wasn't any piles of anything.

Once we gave her the money she still held the puppy for a good five minutes as we sat there saying "Okay well I guess we're ready to go now." After about the 4th time of that, she finally allowed us to take the puppy. She quickly got into her car, muttered something frantic to her husband, and flew out of that parking lot.

This puppy that she gave us smelled like a farm animal, he was terrified of everything, and he refused to meet any of our eyes. We put him in the car and drove home.

The puppy continued to be terrified of everything over the next day. We would try to take him outside to go potty with our four month old Saint, but he would just stand near the door cowered with his tail between his legs. When we picked up a fly swatter in the house he'd cower and whimper like somebody had hit him before. He would urinate and deficate EVERYWHERE at any time he pleased because he wouldn't go potty outside. When one of the things Anna had said was that they had been working on potty training with him..where? In the house?

He wasn't a very bright dog to say the least. He was honestly rather dumb. I feel bad for saying it because none of this womans craziness is his fault. But I believe he was an imbred puppy from a puppy mill.

We contacted Anna about giving us the AKC papers because on the contract it says " We sell all our puppies with limited AKC papers. You may not breed it intentionally or unintentionally. You need to spay your female no later than 7 months of age or Neuter your male no later than one year of age! This is the best thing for them! You must send us proof of the altering within 7 days."

Ok, it says "We sell our puppies WITH limted AKC papers..WITH" She never gave them to us and when we called her to ask about them she rudely said that she wouldn't be giving us the papers until we sent her proof of neuter. I then pointed it out what's in the contract and her words were "It doesn't matter what's in the contract, he needs to have the proof before I send the papers." I then replied "Well, if it doesn't matter what's in the contract then I can just go out and resell him tomorrow morning?" She replied "No. I would sue you." So, her end of the contract doesn't matter to her. Just your end.

She was one of the most RUDE people I've ever met in my entire life. Any questions we had for her she would blow off with a very rude comment about this puppy we had purchased from her.

We took the dog to the vet and the vet told us that the site where he had his hernia surgery was starting to invert because he had had the surgery done way too young so his stretching skin was making it go farther and farther inside of him. He said that we'd have to have an exstensinve surgery done to fix it a little later on. We contacted Anna and let her know of this. She rudely interrupted me with "No he doesn't need a surgery." I repeated what the vet had said about 6 times with her interrupting me raising her voice saying he didn't when I finally just hung up on her. She then rudely texted me angry that I had hung up.

The "health gaurantee" is a joke. The contract has so much wording that once you read over it 20 times you understand that she will NOT cover anything. She makes you drive all the way to HER choice of vet...she won't cover ANY of the costs until it's confirmed. Then it's to her "discretion" whether she'll pay for it or not. She forces you to buy these vitamins that she gets profit from. If you don't give this dog one every day and give proof, the health gaurantee is void. Doesn't that basically sound like if your dog gets sick in ANY way...she has made it in every possible way, impossible to get your money back or worse ANOTHER puppy...if it's a genetic disease with all of the puppies..why would you want another one??

After all of this, we finally contacted her and said we wanted a full refund because she had ripped us off. She said absolutely not and hung up. I texted her threatening her with a lawyer and bad publicity. After about 5 hours of this, she finally said she'd refund all but the deposit. Which was 300 dollars. We paid 780 for the dog. Minus the 300, making it 480. She agreed to giving us 450 back. She wanted us then to drive 6.5 hours to meet her to give her this dog back. I asked to meet us about half way and she said she'd charge us 150 for gas and time...50 dollars an only took her an hour and a half to get there.

When we met her at a place of her choice AGAIN. She gave us a mesely 300 dollars out of 780...It had only been three days of having this puppy. I fully feel we should have been allowed the full refund. But she refused. We had agreed that the refund would be 300 dollars CASH right before we left. She gave us a check. She made us sign yet another contract "releasing" us from the first one. Only to have to be forced to sign that if this puppy develops any sickness that we'd have to pay to drive all the way out there and also pay for ALL of the vet bills. The puppy was sick to begin with. It's not in any way fair.

After all of this, we got 300 dollars back and a lot of fighting. And ANOTHER contract. PLEASE NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN AT ALL. HER NAME IS ANNA GOODNOE. HER HUSBAND IS AARON GOODNOE. I will NEVER buy another dog from online again unless it is the one that sold us the Saint Bernard.

Sep 12, 2013

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  • Jo
      13th of Sep, 2013
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    Selling puppies these days has become something that reminds me of those bootleggers and their stills who charged people through the nose for the rotgut they peddled. I was thinking of getting a new puppy of a purebred type but after reading all the stories, like all over the net, on numerous sites (I mean everywhere), i dont even trust so-called honest breeders - whoever they are. Your story is a classic for online dog purchases. Just classic! I mean, you couldn't make this up.

    People are struggling trying to get a few bucks to supplement those food stamps, and stay in that house with granite countertops they put 2% down on 7 years ago; and as a result, some have learned that peddling puppies is a great way to extract hundreds and hundreds of dollars from gullible people, who in my opinion, should let their parents run their financial affairs from now on, and just give 'em a $25 a week allowance. $480 and a c*****d up house. Sheesh.

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