Breck's Bulbs.batik iris collection

I ordered the Batik Iris Collection July 15, 2018. Contacted Breck's multiple times after shipment delays. Now, mid November with winter starting to set in in California, they canceled this part of my order entirely -- after previously telling me things would ship soon. I'm beyond frustrated at their service and extremely frustrated as this was the part of that order I was most interested in adding to my garden. I will only order from more professional growers in the future and there are many who offer a far more superior product at similar rates to Breck's. I'm just disgusted at this experience. They never had the courtesy to even let me know the order was canceled. I just happened to be checking my email on Thanksgiving and saw I had a random refund from them. Not worth the time or frustration at all. And, in my experience, the bulbs they do send are crud.

Nov 22, 2018

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