ORDER #: 3777170
REFERENCE #: 34070

I am very upset with Brake Planet service, and will never use your company nor will I suggest your company anymore to anyone else. Brake Planet has caused me such an inconvience and money for a prodouct that I still haven't received and not sure when I am actually going to receive it. It's been a month, going on 2 months, this is radiculous! After shipping date had passed, I had to inquier about my order, and this what I was told, "a malfunction that resulted in an substandard finish on our slotted, cross-drilled brake rotors. We expect your rotors to be completed and shipped next week, between July 13th and the 17th." Which I could understand, and apperciate your company not sending me inferior rotors.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Clarita, CAWhat I can not understand, is the recent email I received from Brake Planet on 7/10, "We expect your rotors to be completed and shipped in the next 2-7 business days." What happened to the dates it was suppose to be shipped out "July 13th and the 17th." The date keeps getting pushed back more and more! If I don't not have my rotors within a week, I will send them back when they do arrive and demand a refund for the excessive amount of time it took to recieve them and broken promises of shipping date. I will aslo have my macanhnic inspect them rotors, if they are inferior, I will return them seeking a full refund. Not sure how Brake Planet stays in bussiness with this type of service, but I surely won't purchase anything for this company anymore. Your, "extend a lifetime 10% discount on ALL future orders through BrakePlanet", keep it I will never do business with Brake Planet ever again! With the use of Facebook, I will be posting soon on how horrible the service Brake Planet provides and how people should stay away from purchasing anything from Brake Planet.

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