Brannon Honda / Complaint of Used Car Services Mger

1 300 Gadsden Highway, Birmingham, AL, Birmgham, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 205 833-1233

On Friday, 12/12/14. I contact Josh Ham about assisting me with a bill of 1100.00. I purchased a used vehicle from Brannon Honda in July a 2006 Brick. In November, while on vacation, I received a telephone call from my son informing the car had stopped running. I told him to take the vehicle to Brannon so they can tell him what was wrong with it. When I received the status of the vehicle, the vehicle was located at Courtesy Automotive, and there is damage with the possibility it needs a motor. The next call was about heads replacement; and the next call is it is deemed neglect on the behalf of me and my son. Initially the extended warranty company denied the claim. I came into your establishment and I spoke with Mr. Josh Ham. Per our conversation, he reported "he would not leave me hanging, they/he would do whatever he could to he me out; at best, I would be out of $1100.00. I stayed in contact with him. On 12/11/14, I was told the warranty company had agreed to pay 1/2 of the bill. So I am thinking, ok, Brannon Honda would pay $550 and I would pay $550 "wow"... I call and talked to "Ed" in Service, he told me I would be responsible for $1100.00 dollars, I ask him whether or not Josh would help me out with the bill, Ed told me I would have to talk to Josh. I said "ok". I contacted Josh; and went OFF. HE SAID IN THESE WORDS. "I TOLD YOU WOULD PAY $1100 DOLLARS, SO DO NOT CALL BACK HERE. AND HE HUNG UP THE PHONE". I was shocked. I could not believe it. Really. I waited about 20 minutes and I called back. When he got on the phone he said "###" I said did you curse, He said I apologize. I informed him that I did not appreciate the way he talked to me on the telephone and he owns he an apology. HE SAID "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU CALL BACK. I EXPLAINED EVERYTHING TO YOU WHEN YOU CAME IN THE OTHER DAY"
Gentlemen, Pull my file. Let the record show, I have excellent credit. My credit score is 810. I can purchase a vehicle off any car lot in the State of Alabama. I did not deserve the treatment I received from Mr. Ham. I work at Social Security Administration. If I talked to the American Public the way Mr. Ham talked to me on Friday, I would not have a job today. I am also a Disabled Veteran who served my Country for 28 years, I would not allow anyone to serve with me to talk to anyone the way he did. When I spoke the Mr. Brannon, he told me he would speak to Mr. Ham. At the end of my conversation with Mr. Brannon, I do not feel he would do anything to prevent Mr. Ham from treating another customer the way I was treated. Back in 2007, I purchased a 2007 Honda Accord for my mother's 70th birthday. I will assure you, based on my experience with Brannon Honda, I will not purchase another Honda neither will my 9 sisters and brother and 24 neices and nephews.

Dec 30, 2014

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