Brandsmart/Sharp aquos HDTV / re- vertical lines in screen


My friend purchased a three television from Brandsmart in December.These include two 42 inches and a 52 inches. The 42 inches are ok, however the 52 inches one seems to be damage, due to the vertical colors lines tnat covered about 1/3 of the TV. A warranty was placed on them at the time of purchase, however after calling and complaining we were told that we will have to pay $60 for them to come and look at it and it will cost us about 900 hundreds dollars to fix it if it is a cracked screen. We had paid over $200 for warranty, so why do we have to pay for it to be fixed. We are very displeased at the way we have been treated and would like your input in this matter. Thanks.
I am Lavern Harris, [protected]


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