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Atlanta, GA, United States

I have placed about 10 complaints and no one has called me back. The complaints started on 6.14.2017. There was a wire transfer to my account for $40, 000.00 on 6.13.2017. On 6.14.2017 I called the bank to confirm that the wire was clear. I went to a local branch in Atlanta Georgia Princeton Lake Branch to purchase cashiers check. My fiancee and his business partner have a contract to renovate 22 units. The money was for plank flooring and cabinets. The cashier's checks were to be made out to the cabinet business and also to the person who was going to buy the planl floor. Upon me entering the bank I was not greeted by the teller. She acted as if she was upset to be at work. I filled out my slips amd told her what I needed and who to make it out to. She picks up the phone and calls Jenny Austin. I was told that she works in the audit department. They both start asking me questions like who is the wire coming from, why are they sending you this money, what was I going to buy with the money, what was the name of the buisness, was it my buisness etc. I answered all of the questions even though they were inappropriate questions. She then went back 2 months in my account and asked me why was my fiancee having his checks deposited into my account. I told her that he pays the bills and we only use my this account to pay bills. Once they told me it was against their company policy I told them we didn't know that. There were no more of his paychecks coming through the account anyway. This had nothing to do with the wire withdraw. The teller then lies to me and says she can not release the money because the wire had not cleared. She stated that the wire would not clear until another 24 hours. By this time me and my 7 year old son had been waiting for about 20-25 minutes in line being interrogated. I was pissed. I went in and spoke with a banker since the branch manager was not there. I wanted to know what was going on with my account. Why couldn't I withdraw money to buy the needed supplies to complete the project?He called Jenny rude [censor] Austin. She refused to give me a Eta on when my money would be clear she refused to inform him on how they would contact me. I told them that I waa going to have the sender have his bank to reverse the wire. She stated that she waa going to block the account so they couldn't do so. Jenny made statements stating that I never had that much money in my account and it looked suspicious. What I took from kt waa that since I was black I couldn't have $40, 000.00 in my possession. She was just being [censor]ing rude. I told him that I felt as if they profiled me and thought I was a criminal trying to commit fraud. They never had any intentions on giving me the money. I have filed complaints with Bbb, Fdic, Federal Reserve, and Consumer Affairs.I even filed a complaint with BB&T for discrimination. I spoke with an attorney and he informed me to send a demand letter for payment and any information that I had to prove what the money was for. On 6.20.2017 I along with the wire sender went into the BB&T branch Riverdale Georgia. We both wanted to know what was going on with the money. At this point we were requesting that they send the money back to his bank. She picked up the phone only to find out that Jenny Austin was on vacation. She then spoke with someone else to whom didn't want to help us at all. She informed the unknown female on the phone that I had documentation to prove what the money was for. We submitted a contract, summary bid showing the scope of work, demand notice for thw wire money, w9 form.for the buissness, receipt of wire transfer from Regions, insurnace information for the buisness, and a statement stating what took place on 6.14.2017.
She also let her know that the sender was there whom by the way whom was referred to their bank by my fiancee to open up a business account which by the way he did. She informed the rep that I had spoken with a lawyer. Once the rep heard that she told her to cease all conversation with us. Funny how once you say the word lawyer no one wants to talk. Which was fine because no one was talking to us anyway. No calls were returned at all. She took our information and stated that she was scanning it over. The lady on the phone had the nerve to say how did they know the sender was who he was. This is the same guy that opened up a buissness account amd his buissness ia registered with yhe Secretary of State. This is how you should know. He withdrew his $30, 000.00 out of their bank. Account closed out. She acted as if she was frustrated. No we are frustrated. We took all this documentation and the block was still not removee and bunch of [censor]. We went to Regions bank were the money was sent from. He had his banker email over proof showing he was the owner of the business. Again Bb&T had the same information already. She also sent a request for the $40, 000.00 to be sent back. She tried calling the person whom had gave us her cars but ofcourse she never picked up the phone. Now we wait the tenth day will be Monday 26. We were told by The Federal Reserve that they could only hold the wire for 10 days unless the bank had a VERY GOOD reason to hold it past that time frame. The account has been open since 2015 with no issues. Since we took thay documentation and the account was not unblocked. I feel as if this is personal someone has abused their power. No one has called me back not even from the dicrimination complaint that was filed. My finacee will be closing his business account out today. As soon as this is over my account will be closed out as well. Bb&T has yet to call Regions nor have they called the sender. This is unfair practice and very professional on all levels. You can't juat do what you want to do to people. I have never been arrested nor do I have a criminal background. Don't bank with Bb&T!!!

Jun 21, 2017

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