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As I read FDIC Consumer Protection regulation 6500, when a bank puts a deposit on hold, they cannot collect NSF fees on that account if they have not previously informed the consumer specifically in writing at the time of the deposit that the fees may be collected and how one applies to have the fees refunded. BBT charged me hundreds of dollars in NSF fees after putting deposits on hold.

I am currently in the process of pursuing complaints with government agencies agencies. It is slow going, because BBT answers the enquiries with character defamation (libel in the form of a letter from a bank vice president who wasn't there), making false statements about my behavior in the bank one day rather than addressing the matter at hand.

While they have committed many egregious acts against me, the charging of NSF fees when a deposit is on hold alone without the proper notice, is an act in which they have probably taken miliions of dollars from unwary consumers. I am talking with an attorney about class action, and we may focus on this act alone or on many more.

Be prepared for a dirty fight but don't give up. If you need social support in your fight against BBT, please email me. If you have been charged NSF fees after they put your deposit on hold, I would like to hear from you and maybe put you in touch with people who are pursuing this issue if you are interested.

But whatever you do, or they do, don't give up. Remember the Gadsden flag of the American Revolution--"Don't tread on me".

Don't tread on me, BBT .

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      Jul 22, 2009

    "Of course, you could always go the easy route -- don't spend the money until it's actually in your account."

    Man live must be simple for you high up on your mountain, rules are rules is no argument, rules should make sence and serve a reason.

    Why can payments go instant and can't they put deposits on your account instant aswell ? not even trough there own office ?

    A fee of 35 dollars is in no way in compair to a loan of 10/20/100 or even 500 dollars for maybe a week, it's a rip off, nothing more.

    Lets take 500 dollars, couse thats (i think) the max you can draw from your account at a time (so one fee at a time)

    If they would charge a insane (criminal) yearly intrest of 100% on a 500 dollar loan of a week you would not even pay 10 dollar for that week, but who would accept a 100% yearly intrest, also most transactions are way smaller then 500 dollar, most times even smaller then the fees are.

    I've had a $35 fee over $20 overdraft, put money back in in ±3 days,
    3/356=121 days
    $35 fee to a $20 175%
    175%*121=makes a yearly intrest of 21175%

    Thats a nice profit i say...

    So please stop preaching this is everybodies own fault and a reasonable action from a bank couse it's not, a bank is to store money and loan money from but they act like there the mofo sherifs in town with there fees.

    Most consumers live from paycheck to paycheck so overdrafts are logic to happen, i expect reasonable products from my bank.

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