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Brake Team / Worse Brake Service Ever

1 Gresham, OR, United States Review updated:
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I went into Brake Team at 4pm to get new brakes on front and rear. Ofcourse they told me I needed more than just the standard brake service. I went in with a coupon and they increased the price even more to make up for the coupon. After spending over $300, I left with my brakes being worse then when I went in there. I thought I was going to get in an accident on my way home because I had to shove the pedal to the floor board. It took them less than an hour. When I went in, they said they close at 5pm rather than 6pm if they don't have any customers. Hmm, that might be why they got me out of there before 5pm. I would definately not recommend this place. I am going back in tomorrow to see what they can do for better be nothing less than a full refund. I will see and post an update. I have requested to get my old parts tomorrow and will be taking them to a real mechanic to see if I needed everything they say that I did. I recommend spending the time and money at Les Schwab or somewhere else that knows what they are doing...these guys don't seem to know. I foresee lots of lawsuits in the future if all the cars that get driven away are done this bad.

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  • St
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    i had almost the same expierience with brake team i went in for the 88 dollar special they had going and of course after the inspection they quoted me $550 for new rotors calipers and pads i then took a minute to call les schwab and see what they would charge they quoted me $360 for the same service without brake team knowing i called les schwab i told them i would be in later they pushed the price all the way down to $385 i still decided to go with les schwab so they put everything back together and told me to give them a call tomorrow no more than a half mile away from brake team i was stopping and the brake pad fell off of the car and i had no braking power luckily enough to stop the car eventually and not hit anyone else or anything else i called brake team back to see if they could do anything and they said i need to find a way to get the car back in even though it had no brakes now so they could "correct the problem" i told them they have worked on my car far too much already. i was able to get the car to les schwab that was a block away and have them do the job right. BRAKE TEAM SUCKS!!!

  • Gw
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    Man, I had almost the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. Brake Team quoted me $519 when I came into their store off the $88 special. I said I wanted to go somewhere else and they put my car "back together." Immediately, my breaks were acting funny. I drove directly to Les Schwab where they said that the pads were incorrectly put on. I called Brake Team to complain and they said they would lower their quote by $100. First of all, why would I trust them after that? Secondly, Les Schwab quoted me $320 for the same service. Don't go to Brake Team... save your money and your brakes!

  • Xb
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I had the unfortune of working for these people. I came to work for them as a manger and walked in to run my store for the first day and had to deal with four warranties from a single shop in one day. the mechanics i had in my shop had literally never been a mechanic before they started at this cfompany only a couple months before. I was shocked and needed the job so i got them to get me atleasty one differant mechanic. i had ran several shops in my life and i would see more warranties at there shops in a week then I would see at a reputible company i had worked for in the past in six months. It was embarrassing to be apart of that company. They hire elegal immagrints for a fraction of what a normal shop would pay. a majority of the mechanics in all there shop i would not rate as a level c mechanic and only three a ase cetified in 11 stores. I go out of my way to warn people brakes save lives and they are the most umperfessional company I have ever seen. They just give alot of stuff away to shut up customers cuase there company goal is to get car count for buisness resale look at what the owners now have done before. my experciences as a employee were almost comical. I had mangers cover my store on my day of that they hired that had never worked on a car or ever been in the automotive field before but hes a full service shop manger? if you got a pulse and a screw driver you can work at brake team. It will be only a matter of time before this new brake team burns like the last.

  • Xb
      12th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sorry for the poor grammer and misspells.

  • Yo
      9th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I also was an employee for Brake Team. This company was run by a bunch of used car sales men. The owners knew nothing about fixing cars. The regional store manager and lead mechanic is from Mexico, is not ASE certified and has no management training. He also does all the hiring, so that’s why all his friends and friends work there. Sometimes I would be the only person at a store that could speak English. If a car is taking too long to fix and the store is busy the managers would pull the so-called mechanic off the job and put them on other cars. This is why some people’s cars would be there for days if not weeks. I have a whole lot more deep dark info I could share but I’ll leave it at this. Even though I had bills to pay and not much money saved I was too embarrassed to keep working there and had to walk. I feel sorry for anyone who walks into that place as a customer or employee.

  • Is
      17th of Mar, 2014
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    I left my car with Brake team for changing front brakes. They said that they will call me after they assess. I didn't receive any for the nexst 4 hours. I called their multiple time and no one was picking up. I called their main office and they said that he will have the manager call you. No call for another hour. And when I finally recieved the call, the manager was so rude as if he doesn't care and rather than aplogizing for the situation, said if I don't want it then he will put the old pads back.

    This is not the kind of service one expects. If the manager of the store is insane, I don't know what the employees do there.

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