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Brake Team / Fraud and cheating

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June 2, 2008, I went to a Brake Team business at 1134 82nd Ave., Portland, OR 97216 to get their $99.00 brake special. Within an hour they told me my rotor's were shot and who ever did the last brake job didn't know what they were doing. So, I forked out $412.24 for Brakes, Rotors, Caliper Hardware(Front), Grease Seals and Labor.

Right out of the gate my brakes were squeaking. I was told they would squeak a bit to adjust. The squeaking did end a short time later. It was about October when we started to get the rain here in Portland. I was quite angry and didn't know what to do. My thoughts were how could someone I thought I could trust giving me a crappy brake job. One day as I applied the brakes, the brakes grabbed and locked up.

I had boughten tires from a local company down the street from my home. So, when I went to pay on my new tires I told the company I got the tires from I was having issues with my brakes. They took the pickup for test drive, then when they got it back to the shop they told me they would take the wheels off, but not take the brakes off since it was still under warranty. I was told that the new ASB Toner Rings were not put on when the old Rotor was replaced. Since the two parts are not compatible, the computer isn't allowing the anti-lock brakes to work properly. They told me to go back to Brake Team and have them fix it or replace it for free since I had a 36, 000 mile warranty. If they refused, then if I found a new ASB Toner Ring they would replace the ring.

I finely was able to get over to the Brake Team Business on 1134 S.E. 82nd Ave., only to find out that that business location has been closed.

January 5, 2009, I drove to Gresham Brake Team business. I showed the Manager my warranty and explained what was done and what was wrong. He told me, 'We could do a free brake inspection but can't replace any part for free since your warranty is voided under the new management.

How on earth can a business be allowed to buy another business with out honoring existing customer warranties. I am very angry.

I have since quit driving my pickup, only under emergency situations. I do not have another $412.00 to spend on Brakes.

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  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    Kim, you don't say what type of truck you have-whether it is, for example, front or four wheel drive, but it sounds as if you were charged for front and rear brakes. I read a book by a mechanic a couple years ago and got some good pointers from it, as well as some help learning about maintaining my car from friends with experience. Anyone that has an "offer" that goes way up after they inspect your vehicle-that is the signal to GET OUT of there, in most cases. When they badmouth the previous work the way they did, it sounds another alarm. Could be true, but scare tactics are common and it's a way of building a "friendly" relationship with the "customer". To make a long story short, I change my own brakes these days. Good pads run about $40 a pair. You might need to take the rotors off and take them to a shop to have them turned, but if maintenance is done reasonably, they should be ok. I've never had to change my rear brakes; I have front wheel drive and the majority of braking is done by the front brakes (if I let them go, the rears would have to pick up slack, and they do some of the work, they just don't wear as fast). Add some money for brake fluid, lubricants and minor incidentals and really, you shouldn't pay more than say, $300 AT THE MAXIMUM for a professional to do fronts and rears, with new rotors. You could do the job yourself for around $50 - 150, depending on parts or work you need done. I've been through what you have-but I now have a Haynes manual for my car, and you can check labor time at the library. I learned to do my oil and fluids, tires, brakes, belts and a few other things. It's a bit hard sometimes, but very well worth it. Find a mechanic you TRUST and stick with them. Also, most reputable shops or mechanics won't charge (or much) for looking the vehichle over to get an idea of what needs to be done. If you get a high estimate and your car is drivable, get out and check it elsewhere. Tell them you have to wait 'til you get paid, if you're a pushover. Don't let anyone talk you into signing up for in-house credit or leaving the vehicle (believe me!!). Hope this helps for the future.

  • To
      19th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I paid about $11 for some very good quality brake pads for a Dodge Dakota pickup. You got ripped off big time. Their cost was very low. They sound just like the Brake Chek chain in Houston. Before you know it, you've spent hundreds of dollars and you're still driving a dangerous vehicle. You can hardly trust anyone anymore.

  • Jo
      9th of Feb, 2010
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    Same thing happen to me! DO NO GO TO BRAKE TEAM!!!

  • Ca
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    They are lying to you. This company did not change ownership. The "owners" have been shut down by the Attorney General in both California and Nevada. Contact the Attorney General and ask them to shut Brake Team DOWN!!!

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