Bradlows Furniturefactory faulty coffee table

I bought couches on laybye on the 24 November 2018. By then I wanted the couches that were on Special for R11999 cash and we were told they finished nation wide. So I decided to take out R14000 cash to laybye different ones. I explained to the seller that I would come and take the couches before month end December. To my suprise four days after the laybye I started receiving messages saying I must pay the outstanding before the 2nd December 2018.
I had to go back to the shop to find out what's happening. I was told that the couches come with a free coffee table, in order to still get the coffee table, I must take out the remaining amount. I told them I can't because that was not the agreement. I had to make plans to take out the laybye.Couches and coffee table were delivered but I was told that they don't open the goods.. I must just see that they sealed.. They left. I waited for Husband to come Saturday and we realised that the table is faulty.

Bradlows Furniture

Dec 03, 2018

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