Brad Benson Hyundai Monmouth NJ / ruined my credit

1 3905, Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States
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Phone: 866-361-1410

So here it is we bought a 2013 Hyundai elantra traded it in because it sounded like crap so we leased a new one fully loaded and was very happy with the car. A month later we get a letter from capital one that we are going to be in default for the loan on the old car. We called Brad benson several times apparently lots of people are having the same issues no one would call us back demanded a sales manager instead an Internet Sales manager gets on the phone Rocco would not call us back she sends me a fax of a check that this is being paid off. Capital one sends us another letter of default that now our credit is affected and still no one calls us back now we are going their Monday to speak to a manager.

Brad Benson Hyundai Monmouth NJ
Brad Benson Hyundai Monmouth NJ

Jun 27, 2015

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