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Brad benson is not the right dealer in my experience dealing with them

1)They advertise as 30% off posted dealer price.I looked at Santa Fe and the dealer price is $36, 000. Wooooow what a scam. Roughly $8000 above MSRP. If you ask about 30%, they will say that you don't qualify because you are not from military.

2)The sales associate told all kinds of stories when i asked about the manufacturer rebates, I insisted hard and sat there arguing for one hour until i got the manufacturer rebates

3)Sales associates tried to steer me towards monthly payments which is a big scam by itself. Oh by the way DON'T walk into the dealership without cash or a preapproved loan.

4)Sales person asked me to sign on the paper that I am buying a car today just to hypnotize me as i was negotiating with him too much and he plays all sorts of tricks like

a) How would you drive to work if you don't buy the car today?.. yaa right

b) Somebody walks by and says, if you don't buy the car, there is one more customer who likes this car and he will buy it. I stood up and said Give it him and tried to walk away and my sales assoicate came back begging to come back to the negotiation table.

6)DON'T take your kids to the dealership.Look for friends who can negotiate well, atleast 2 friends.Be prepared to negotiate atleat 2-3 hours on the price, so DON'T GO with the KIDS and have 2 FRIENDS with you.

7) Don't tell about trade-in until you are satisfied with the price. Do your research on trade-in and don't trade-in until you get a good deal on trade-in. You can always sell by yourself.

8) Most important don't get into the discusssion of monthly payments. Negotiate until you get a good price, Avoid taking loan from them.

9)Research on the internet on hyuundai's website about the manufacturer rebates, the MSRP, financing information and take a printout and be ready to show the printouts, as I was shown OLD printouts which had different information.. Wooow what a scam.


First time car buyers beware, You have no idea of how dealership plays tricks. Better go with a person with enough experience.


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      Oct 09, 2010

    Never go with a kid better still dont even go with a family member (especially your spouse). More important go with food and atleast 2 friends who are very experienced.I went with my wife and kid and wanted to walk out but met with the very same experience listed above. My wife finally started telling me that it is enough n please buy the damn stuff and let us get out of here!

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      Nov 10, 2011

    Very bad experience with these dealers
    While buying a used car for a friend of mine, they showed us KBB printout of a different state which had a better rate for the car. We later learnt about this when we went home and checked the KBB sire ourselves.
    The sales person will initially sound and seem very friendly. But you realise later that they are very pushy and try all sorts of things to trick you
    While buying a new car with them, after too much negotiation, they finaly agreed on a price because I said I will not be buying unless they give that rate. But when the papers were been prepared, they added another $700 and said the price we agreed upon did not have the destination price .. I was so tired by then that I agreed. Later realised, I should have just walked out.
    I went there twice and both the times felt cheated. I would never go back to them and will never recommend them

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      Dec 20, 2013

    I leased 1 car and bought another for my daughter and both times we did not experience any of the above mentioned things, so Not sure how long ago this happened? Maybe they have gotten better now???

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