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Bracht Lumber UBC Rockport / Management does not care about its consumers, nor its employees

1 United States

I have much knowledge of this company. As a consumer I am very disappointed with what this company has done to a locally owned business. It greatly saddens me to see an establishment that was last year grossing 27 million to this year what almost reminds you of a ghost town. The new management does not care about its consumers, nor its employees. I have seen the local bosses out in town with a few of their employees enjoying after work festivities. From what I saw I was not impressed. I have heard many rumors of the bosses sleeping with fellow employees and then giving them promotions and raises instead of giving the employees that deserve the promotions to.

The customer service used to be surprisingly immaculate. Now you walk in there you feel the stress this corporation has put on their employees. To me this corporation has done an injustice to this community and this business.

I would much rather go shop at Lowes or Mccoys these days due to price inflation and the stock of merchandise. Every time I do try to shop there they do not have what I need. I have been told by the employees that this company does not believe in back stock at all and that is why they are always out of different items. This used to not happen ever. I am very disappointed. I know that I am speaking for a majority of the consumers of this small town. Bryan and Suzy Brecht we want you back!!!


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