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I always go to shop to Ross, there is always someone at the door very friendly and polite but today was just NOT the day. Looking for some christmas presents, i was at the register and the check out girl "Brittany" was just "NOT" friendly or nice when i was trying to look for some bracelets that were in the showcase and when i asked her to show me some of the bracelets that i was interested in, she just looked at me like saying "don't you see I'm busy" and threw away a bag that she had in her hands with an "attitude" took one of the bracelets and hand it over to me with an "attitude". Finally when she was finishing up with the things that i chose, she just gave the change and did not even say good night or a have good day ... JUST THE CUSTOMER SERVICE...These people honestly need to learn how to treat their customers. It's why people like "US CUSTOMERS" people like "Brittany" has a job..

Dec 15, 2014
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      Dec 16, 2014

    There isn't any law that says employees of any business have to say anything, other than maybe "thank you" at the end of a transaction. When you go shopping it isn't to socialize, it is to do business. Myself, I don't want anybody that I don't know telling me to have a "good day." Why would a perfect stranger wish that for anybody and when they do so, we all know it is just a matter of formality that they have been trained to do. If this is the worst thing that happens to you, grow up and get over it. To me good customer service is to be served and get the transaction over with, it has nothing to do with being greeted, told to have a nice day, wished good night, or anything other than being served.

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      Sep 01, 2018
    bracelet - Cancel order

    I want cancel my order [protected] because my fb was hack..sorry 4 incovenience

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