Boyus Engineering Nigeria Limited / Delayed payment of invioce submitted May, 2009

1 Nigeria

Dear Sir,
I am a contractor with you company. Sometime in March 2009 I was awarded a contract to build a water treatment plant (Civil Structures) for NAOC at her Kwale Gas Plant. The job was speedily completed to the satisfaction of all. I submitted my invioce at various stage with the last invioce submitted in May 2009. The invioces were in Naira and Dollar. The Naira components were promptly paid while the dollar components was undully delayed. Sir, it is patenent to say that uptill the time of my writing this mail my demobilization invioce (ie Dollar component) and the six month rentention fee is still out standing. I have made several effort to know while but without any success hence this letter.

I also delivered a job in December 2009.

I will be gratefull if my case is handled.

Thank you Sir.

Engr. L. O. Uba

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