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Boyer-Rosene-Bekins / Horrible experience

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I also agree with Jeff K that Boyer-Rosene is NOT a mover totrusted! My husband & I have moved a number of times over the past twenty plus years. Any time I made calls to try to get information from Boyer-Rosene, I was treated like a nuisance.
We had VERY minor problems with prior movers---a few minor dings & such. But Boyer-Rosene was the worst move we have ever experienced!
The loaders came late & they had to call for additional help. I bought all of them lunch as well as tipped them.
But I strongly suspect that one of these packers took one of my Fendi hangbags & one of my Fendi wallets. I know that these items had been in the master bedroom closet, but they did not arrive at our new home. My husband had purchased the Fendi shoulder bag in Milan for me. The estimated value of the two Fendi items is $1, 000.
The Boyer-Rosene office called me the day that the packers were there requesting information that I had already faxed them days earlier! I had to ask to use the fax in my apt. building office as the office claimed that they had not received my information...
In addition, they "forgot" to pack my cutlery plus flatware. I only discovered this AFTER the loaders left. (The packers put boxes all long my small kitchen blocking all of the drawers, so I was not able to move them to check to be sure that all drawers had been packed.)
Fortunately, I did leave a box of my own in my kitchen. I had to give one of the doormen $40 to ship the box to my new address in WA state.
In addition, they left a window open in my master bedroom on the 53rd floor. My cat could have fallen out as that window did not have a screen! And they knew the cat was locked in one of the bathrooms...
Plus, the loaders were over a hour late arriving to my apt. building in Chicago. One of the doorman had to take a cab to where they were to guide them to the building!
They were also short one loader! So the loading took longer than they had planned. They actually told me that they had to leave by about 5 PM even if the loading was not completed!!! And I was scheduled to fly out to WA. state that following AM!
Again, I bought all of the loaders lunch & tipped them. One of the loaders asked if he could have the opened bottle of wine. And I told him that he could have the opened bottle of wine IN THE FRIG, if he wanted it. Later the supervisor asked if it was OK if the loader took the wine. And again, I said it was OK to take the opened bottle that was IN THE FRIG.
I even went down to the loading dock to give them the rest of the case of bottled water that I had left in the frig for them (It was rather warm that day.)
And the one loader told me"We are gonna have a party with that wine!"...I thought it was rather odd to say that to me...
After we unpacked everything at our new home in WA. state, we realized that a 1990 jeroboam of red wine was missing! And that HUGE bottle of vintage wine had NOT been opened at our Chicago apt. We had been saving it for a special occasion.
This was a jeroboam Chateau St. Michelle reserve cab. Its label was hand etched & valued at $1, 000.
Why would I have given this to one of the loaders???? And both my husband & I know that it had not been opened...
The people who unloaded our items even told me that they had heard some very bad things about Boyer-Rosene. And they wished me "good luck" in trying to get reimbursed for any damages or losses
If you value your sanity & your valuables, do NOT use Boyer-Rosene! It was truly a horrible experience!


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