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Boxing Club of Encinitas / &Bait and switch& technique

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Are criminal in their "bait and switch" technique and I am gathering evidence to solidify this fact. Please be kind enough to help me with this and-or expose these people!

I am not the only customer who has been affected directly by this exact technique by the same group of people, the Better Business Bureau has a file on them.

They specifically discussed and TOLD me I was signing up for a three-month contract and three months alone – that was the only way Dana Donahue was able to convince me to relinquish my credit card number to them. They explained repeatedly it would only be for three months and I verified this repeatedly!

When I left and after, AFTER I signed, they illegally marked that I signed up for a year.
Dana Donahue kept me so busy that I was distracted and they did not give me a copy of the original document I had signed – prior to them altering it.

The price sheet she specifically showed me was not the price sheet they are claiming is an exhibit of proof.
I have never, ever disputed a bill in my entire life! This company; however, has had the exact same complaint filed against them through the Better Business Bureau on more than one occasion, adding to my evidence.

February 20, 2006 I signed up with this so-called company, as they are located right around the corner from my house. I took a huge leap of faith and they have cheated-tricked and lied to me.

I specifically asked if there would be NO trouble if I needed to cancel at any time.
Three times I made sure to ask if I needed to cancel and drop my membership could do so hassle or fee free and three times I was told "there will be no trouble canceling at any time!"

I wanted to pay cash month to month but Dana Donahue insisted that she could not allow that. She said that she was willing for me to pay for three months at a time as I made it clear I could not afford a year membership.

I did not wish to give them my credit card number. I was beyond reluctant to give my credit card number but Dana rushed me through signing a form and rushed me through the gym before I could see and-or read what I was signing or ask for a copy of my agreement.

What Ms. Donahue had me sign without allowing me to read or take a copy and what we verbally discussed were two different things. I was lied to and mislead. Currently due to current and unexpected medical bills and an assortment of new unexpected bills, I cannot hold membership Coast Athletics, Another Racquet Inc., North County Athletic Club, and-or The Boxing Club Encinitas. Whatever they choose to call themselves.

I rang the club on Saturday March 4, 2006 to explain this and was instantly me t with grief. The secretary told me that on the following Monday the owner would make sure that "…the customer is satisfied and I would be pleased with the outcome".

When I spoke to them briefly Monday, initially Mr. Donahue told me I did not know what I was talking about. He explained that he did not care what I thought I signed up for or what I had discussed with Dana Donahue; he said no matter what I had signed up for a year. Bait and switch. I thought I was signing exactly what Ms. Donahue promised – three months only and cancel at any time due to financial concerns. I was dumbfounded that they would lie in such a steadfast manner. They falsely insisted I signed a year contract even though I thought I was honestly signing up for three months per our specific conversation prior to signing. I explained to them on Monday March 6, 2006 briefly when they would allow me to speak on the phone that I had a doctor's appointment and bills that I needed to put in new priority and that I was stunned that they changed the contract on me.

I explained this while in tears thinking of my then recent emergency room visit (February 2, 2006) and other recent bills not just medical. I explained all of this to Dana Donahue (approximately 12:45p.m. Monday March 7, 2006) she would ring me back to work something out for me - later that afternoon after she picked up her son. She never called me back.

The Better Business Bureau advised I try and contact them one last time to make sure they are unwilling to stick to the truth but when I tried to ring the gym number was no longer in service. The BBB tried to ring them and could not contact them either.

I need you to please honor my request and help me to BLOCK any and all charges that this company claims to be owed. Bait and Switch is illegal no matter what form it takes. I cannot honor this deceitful practice, nor can I afford to!


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