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I have a fairly new home which was purchased prebuilt. From the onset there were problems with all of the homes on my street. Rain was literally coming into my neighbors homes. Bowen came out and had to literally tear out the front part of their homes and rebuild it. I had a water leak coming through the roof in my garage. They came out on two different occasions to fix the problem and told me if the rain continues to come in contact us. Well, we had a drought and it didn't rain for quite some time. Guess what, it's raining in my home again. I have contacted them and they stated the problem was resolved and they are not coming back out to fix it. Also, yesterday I came home and a portion of my roof was on the ground. I pick this piece up and found that the nails used to hold this piece on were not long enough to support it. The nails barely broke the surface of the piece that fell to the ground. BOWEN FAMILY HOMES want nothing to do with this problem. How are they able to continue building homes with all of the complaints I'm finding. They can only hide for so long.


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      Mar 27, 2008

    Bowen is a quality builder. Sometimes sub-contractors don't do their job correctly. I purchase a home from Bowen and i also am a small custom builder. They do a good job and build a very quality product. You wont find a better track builder.

    Will Ryan

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      Mar 29, 2008

    It has been about 9 months since we bought our Bowen home. This was the biggest mistake EVER MADE!!! We did a walk thru before we bought it with Warranty Pro ( what a joke) The guy noted problems and turned them over to the builder. Well after moving in all the things that they said they fixed pulled apart again wallls were craking again base boards are coming off the walls, the doors wont stay open. There are air leaks around all door and windows. This isulation they were supposed to of used doesn't work as in the winter the walls are ice cold to the touch. The main problem is the fact that one of our bedrooms had a leak in the roof line above a window seat. It took me 4 months to get someone to come and fix it and this was a problem that was turned in by the "inspector" and was guaranteed by the builder there was no problem found. Well when we had a rainstorm the window looked like someone hade dumped gallons of water on the seal and floor. Well I finally got someone to come and look at the roof and it was told to me by the roofer that the brick needed to come off. So called builder again to set that up and he had some guys come out here and PATCH the f-in thing and told me it was all good. Well two days later the rains came again and again the room is flooded. Well now they have come and fixed the outside of the house and I am waiting on them to do the inside. Was told by the builder that there would be mold but it WOULDN'T be the bad kind. Like he can tell me that. So now we are in a brand new home with possible mold issues and the Warranty Pro people tell me they wont send a mold spec. out here to just spray bleach and water on it and they will replace the sheetrock. Ok so everywhere I read says a professional has to get rid of the mold not to do it yourself. I would not reccomend this builder to anyone. They are very uncaring about any concerns you may have and anyone that will come out to your home I promise will not be able to speak fluent english and will do a Patch job not a repair. Beware if you are in any kind of contract with them.

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      Apr 11, 2008

    Cannot agree more with the complaint!!! Bought from Bowen and hated my life while built with them and then dealt with a million issues for over 3 years. Now we bought a new house from another builder in our area and Oh My God what a difference! The house does not move, does not squick, things are not coming off, the builder is there per 1 phone call or e-mail to resolve any issues you may find and believe me we had really hard time finding anything at all, even though the house was an inventory...
    After having dealt with Bowen for years and having started to hate dearly anyone who was in construction business... we were in shock.
    Basically, folks, everyone who has encountered problems, let's file BBB and Construction Commission complaints. When I was filing mine I was surprised to find that they had zero complaints recorded at BBB and at the same time the web is ridden with shocking stories.
    Bowen Family Homes, besides unskilled and unsupervised labor, hires idiots for construciton managers, has no customer service (rather anti-customer disservice) and the management that does not care. Oh yes, and sales people are allowed to lie according to their contract (read carefilly!). Basically do not believe a word unless it is in writing from the company.

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      Nov 07, 2019

    @Texas Folks Who is the builder of the new home that you are enjoying? Thanks

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      Apr 29, 2008

    I DISAGREE, I am sorry you had a bad experience, which was probably a miscommunication, I have had 2 Bowen Homes and the service was excellent from beginning to End! The Warranty company has always addressed my issues.

    Things happen in construction...But I think you are exaggerating just a little.

    I for one have been happy with my Bowen Homes.< Plural! Because I have Purchased Two!>



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      Mar 15, 2009

    I agree- buying a Bowen home was the biggest mistake I made as well.
    They are awful!!

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      Apr 22, 2009

    What subdivison is this in? I am considering Bowen here in Round Rock, Texas located in Forest Creek. Thanks.

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      May 23, 2009

    I agree as well. We are the only house in the neighborhood without a front porch light because they forgot to install it. They said it was to late to fix. Our plumbing was reversed as well. My yard was getting treated with salt water killing off the grass. They came in and cut twelve holes to re-route the plumbing. The quailty is nothing compared to my first starter home that I paid half the price for. Bowen should stick to building doll and tree houses, not homes! One last thing, if you ever work with Tim Packard. . . . run!!! Tim is not a man of his word. He will promise you things until it comes time to fulfill his promises and then it was never discussed or there was a fee. Plus, he works with his mother and he makes her do all the dirty work. Tim never returns calls and his mail box is always full of unanswered calls.

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      Aug 27, 2009

    bought a bowen home and now i pray for tornados to come destroy it date i have spent 15, 000 dollars replacing there shoddy worksmanship . and you can blame sub-contractors all you want but in the end they are responsible for overseeing there work. i threatened to put a sign in my yard and they were quick to tell me that they would file a lawsuit against me ..there management team is awful .

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      Oct 12, 2009

    You are certainly not alone in your complaints about Bowen Family Homes. My family has been a victim of Bowen Family Homes well before the housing crisis and they were doing the same things then that they are doing now. Visit my blog and find numerous comments about negative experiences with Bowen Family Homes:

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      Oct 23, 2009

    I purchase a Bowen F.H. townhouse 3 months ago in Alpharetta, GA (first time home-buyer) making the biggest mistake in life... I did not put attention to the windows, but all of them are made of wood (80's windows) nowadays, all the builders use vinyl windows... the cold/hot aire flows in and outside of them, and when it is windy, you see the blinds dancing.

    All the ceiling lights were remove to be painted, and none of them had a proper adjustment to the ceiling... there were attached with just 1 screw!!!

    There is a huge leak in the garage that I am still wainting to have repaired (it has been raining a lot lately)

    The grass in both front and backyard is almost dead... and the AC unit is the noisiest I ever heard and has been located in front of the living room/master bedroom, making my nights a nightmare!!!

    I can not wait for the recesio to pass by and sell this crap house that I unfortunately got!!!

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      Dec 17, 2010

    Now we know why they are gone. Customer Service was a no service.

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      Feb 22, 2011

    Bowen Family Homes was the first built from the ground up home I have ever bought (it was my second home). Buying form them has turned out to be the BIGGEST mistake I have ever made because now I'm stuck with a house thats build extramly cheap and not worth any where near what I paid for it. I have all kinds of problems with this tar baby and it's going to cost me 10 of thousands to fix them. Lets start with my Paver Driveway, it's already deceloping tire ruts, Oh Did I mintion I had the house built in 2008 and moved in on May 1st of that year. My gues bathroom shower tile leaks and 2 have broken, the dishwasher was so cheap you could not talk and wash dishes at the same time. I have "soft" spots in my Upstairs Hall way, the wall in my laundry room moves of you lean aginst it and the list goes on and on. I have no recourse for all of this because they Have now Went out of biz. They blame the economy but I think that the cheapness of there quality has finally slaped them in the face. Many other companies are still making it in this market, but I guess they have better quality.

    Jason, Davenport Florida.

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      Feb 01, 2015

    I agree with the complaints, but I will give them this...they truly live up to their name. "BOWEN". My walls are Bowen, my floors are Bowen, my doors are Bowen. My home is sloping. This was our first home and unfortunately we learned a hard lesson. If we are ever able to buy another home (which I doubt because of the market crash and we didn't put down a big downpayment) then we would know the questions to ask, the red flags to identify, and we certainly wouldn't accept the terrible craftsmanship that Bowen Family Homes gave us.

    Lakeland, FL

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