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Two sisters paid Bourne Bridge Pool & Spa in Buzzards Bay, MA to fix our pool and get it ready for the summer.

They took over 1300.00 from us (after quoting us 1200) up front and without a contract to do the job. Six weeks later they still have not finished the pool.

They just left it looking worse than what it did when they started. The pool is black, slimey and unsafe and there is a huge hole in our concrete that they dug right next to the pool with all the dirt piled next to it.

They promised my sister, and looked her in the eye several times and told her that it was going to be done. They missed every deadline.

They refuse to take ownership in their mistake and have become angry and hostile with us because we asked them for a refund, called the Department of Public Safety on them, reported them to the Better Business Bureau and left a negative review on their website. We have have not broken any laws by complaining to them. They have slandered our family online because we filed honest reviews on them.

We told them that we would stop all of this if they paid us back in full so that we could take our business elsewhere to finish our pool. They refused and told us to sue them. Their staff has slandered our family online repeatedly.

This didn't just affect two sisters. This has affected an entire family with small children who wanted a pool to play in for the summer.

We would like the public to know that this is a company that was UNREGISTERED WITH THE STATE (the Department of Public Safety had no record or them when we called them) - DPS has since called them out on that - took our money UP FRONT, has never given us a contract or any paperwork with proof of labor done, etc and just walked away from the job and left it undone. They refused to answer any of our calls and refused to refund us our money. Please think long and hard before doing business with them. We have provided our names in complaints as well as contact information so that the public can contact us so that we can show them pictures or talk to them about what they have done. We have nothing to hide. The pictures speak for themselves.


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      Jul 05, 2009

    Bruce A Kramer is a two-timing scam artist who defrauded Bourne Bridge Pool and Spas and should be locked up for the harassment and stalking that he has done to my female employees. He tried to blackmail this fine established pool and spa service contractor into submission. He wanted everything for free then used slander and lies to try and scare us into providing everything for free. Avoid Bruce A. Kramer and his so called sisters, team that he uses to defraud honest hardworking contractors. Get real customers not these crumb bums. Just take a look at Bruce A. Kramer's awful self boasting websites wherehe claims to be a television writer, professional photographer, celebrity jet set ladies man. blah blah blah. His cars are garbage and so is his crappy woodwork and old fashioned nursing home styled home. He is very outdated and so is his scamming technique. Kramer even put a fake Time magazine cover of himself on his website claiming it is real. He is a FAKE. Look out for Brucie.

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      Jul 05, 2009

    What Bruce A. Kramer Doesn't Want You To See!

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