Bought online products not having receive as scam / Complaint abaout global-eshopping mrs ayaka lin and receiver's jiang zeng on bank transfer account.

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Jean Nizelin 10 Brookside, Bettystown, Co.Meath, Republic Of Ireland. Phone: [protected] Email: [protected] Dear Sir/Madam, I am going to write you about a scam fraud mrs Ayaka Lin and company I attached a receipt of payment of bank transfer down below with all the details receiver's name mrs Jiang Zeng. I have been make a request on about getting a quote on cheapest Scooter Electronics 2 wheels. In return on my email I have received severals email of quotation as differents price inb chosen something cheaper as for dealing with Mrs Ayaka lin as a good company and special offer. I have dealing with her as being honest and trustful she has told me their are different items and gifts as discount. Having been accepted and orders some Items and made the payments by Bank transfers on some one name account I thought that the team company bank account. So since last week have been paid her on bank tranfer to my bank account.Siunce that she told me the money didn't arrive and since that I didn't heard form her any more n'or on the Skype as well. So any respond from her until now. I asking you to have and investigate and try to get intopuch with me as possible to get arrest these people as fraud ane I havce tried different research today on internet website there are differents comments on her and company as scam and fraud BROWSING AND BUYING IN THIS WEBSITE IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Last updated: 2 months ago Popularity: Website doesn't have too many visitors Rate this website Subscri I hope soon have investigate let me know a reply ASAP to find a wy to get these people return my money back and going to put a complaint again them.

Dec 21, 2015

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