Botswana Tourist BoardBad treatment by corrupt officials

During april 2015, a group of 6 vehicles visited botswana. From the border entry to the border exit, we were treated rather badly by corrupt officials and parks officials, who made booking errors. I subsequently complained to the department of wildlife and national parks [dwnp] and received no reply from them. Following that, I published a letter in the june 2015 edition of sa 4x4 magazine and copied the tourism board. The tourism board contacted me, including the ceo who assured me by email in august 2015 that the matter was being investigated at ministerial level. [that was untrue.]
Promises of compensation were made, but when proof of compensation was requested, they just ignored our correspondence.
The full story is available at request.
We noticed that in the january 2017 issue of leisure wheels, we are not the only people to have complaints. They also refer to complaints in previous issues

Jan 15, 2017

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