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Botach Tactical / Had Positive Experience Contrary to Negative Reviews

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I placed an order with Botach Tactical a few weeks ago. Given the fact that I had a very positive experience dealing with the company despite the fact that many other consumers appear to have been dissatisfied with the service they received from Botach, I feel compelled to write a quick review and post it a couple of places to illustrate my experience.

Let me preface with a few quick points:

1) I do not work for Botach nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I had never heard of them or purchased anything from them before this order.
2) I work in the safety/security industry (private sector) and have no official Government/Military affiliation or background.
3) This was not a huge order; $100 - $200 dollars. I make this point lest anyone think the reason I had a good experience with Botach was because I was spending a lot of money with them and that's why their service was good.
4) The order consisted of basic self-defense and/or control devices: ASP Expandable Baton, Mace, etc.
5) I believe everyone's opinion counts, so I have no interest or desire to attempt to claim that anyone else's experiences with Botach -- even if they were negative -- are invalid, wrong, or invented. I simply want to throw mine -- a positive one -- into the mix.

The Story:

I placed my order online and received a fast automatic email confirmation, just as should occur in this age of e-consumerism. I realized when reviewing the order details that I had in fact provided Botach with the wrong credit card information. Since it was after business hours I resolved to call the next day to let them know so that my order would be sure to go through.

Now I admit that when I began to call them the next day as planned, I had an experience similar to what many consumers on boards/such as these have expressed: I couldn't reach anyone no matter how many times I called the main phone number. I was definitely frustrated, and in the course of Googling for a different number to try, discovered a litany of complaints against Botach -- many of which had to do with them not answering the phone. I started to fear that I had not done enough research before using them, and that perhaps I was about to fall victim to some kind of scam.

However, as I navigated their website to look for any other numbers to call, I noticed there was actually a tab located on the right that said something very clear like, "Phone Directory." I clicked that link, and sure enough there was a list of names and numbers for most if not all of the Botach employees. Figuring I'd skip the Customer Service names and numbers and just go straight to the top, looked under the Administration group and called their head of Online Administration since it seemed like that would be the right person to talk to about my credit card mistake.

Turns out I was right. I called the administrator's personal number, which was listed plainly in the directory, and left a message explaining my situation. Within an hour or so I got a call back from the administrator but couldnt take it since I was working. He left a message saying there would be no problem but to call him back. I figured I'd just have to follow up later when I finished working. When, after, 2 hours I still hadn't had he chance to call him back, he sent me an EMAIL just to confirm that I had received his phone message and to let me know how to reach him and when!

Obviously at this point I realized I was having a very different and positive experience than those that I had read about online earlier that day. I eventually got a chance to call the Administrator back and he picked up immediately. We had a good conversation regarding my order, he reassured me my credit card error was no issue, and he informed me that a couple of items were backordered but that he could send the rest out that day if I wanted. Needless to say, I did, and he did indeed send the first part of the order right away. He even called my back AGAIN -- maybe 5 minutes later -- right before giving the box to UPS because it it turned out something I wanted in black was only available in red/blue and asked if I still wanted it. I consider that excellent customer service.

I received the order quickly and everything that was supposed to be in the box was there and in the proper condition, proper model, color, etc. I was very pleased, and thus, as I said at the beginning if this essay (sorry about that, folks) decided to post about my positive experience on some of the very places where I had read about so many negative ones. It took me a few weeks, as I'm a busy guy, but I finally got around to writing this today. (Full disclosure: I intend to post this same review on multiple sites/boards since I put a good deal of time into writing it and don't need to re-write separate reviews for each site.)

Moral of the story:

It seems to be true that it can be difficult and frustrating (even scary if you've read bad reviews and think you may have been scammed) to reach customer service reps at Botach. I agree with people who have written about that problem because I've experienced it. But I think it's a small company with a big inventory, and as is the case with many "Mom and Pop" type of retailers -- we're not exactly talking about Amazon here -- there's a wide margin for error when it comes to figuring out how to successfully and smoothly enter the world of online business if you've spent the last however many years they've been open selling directly to mostly Police and Government types rather than citizens across the world via the Internet.

The solution to getting around this is to use the phone directory on their website and read the names and job titles, and call whoever seems best equipped to handle your problem or question. And if need be, start towards the top as I did with the Administration people, rather than with the generic main phone line or just any customer service rep. In any case, I'm sure everyone's experience will vary, but mine was good and felt I owed it to both Botach and to other consumers to talk about it since so many others have.

I hope this was useful for people to read -- even if it was way too long -- and I hope your experiences with Botach or any online retailer are as good as mine was.

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      1st of Feb, 2013
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    I ordered 6 mags before the school shooting that triggered prices on pmags to go crazy I locked in at $12 a mag & had 6 of them ordered well I kept in contact with them with multiple emails promising me I would get the 6 mags I ordered for $12 a piece.

    When they finally came in stock they sent me a email saying I would only get 2 of them & the prices were jacked up to $45 a mag so if that isn't bad business practices I don't know what is.

    I sent multiple emails asking if they would honor my order since I placed it before the price gouging began & they sent me several invoices saying my 6 mags would be honored so they lied & didn't want to honor the $12 but said I could have 2 mags at $12 which is NOT what they promised in writing but I'll be posting all their emails & my invoice on every site I can just so folks know who they are dealing with it's bad business & shows no honor.

    When the feeding frenzy & panic buying is over they will wish they had honored their committment to me because I have all of the emails with their lies & the invoice with their promise which was also a lie.

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