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BP#550 Erin Mills ON 5/18/18
Dinner with my Mom. Ordered Chicken Taco Combo
It was BAD! The chicken was cool, old and tasteless. Even though the taco had tomato, lettuce and maybe cheese, it was dry. Asked server for salsa. Reply, "we don't have that"
She brought me asmall Marinara sauce and charged us $1.99 for salsa side order. BAD! BAD BAD! Our server was not really interested in satisfying my request as evidenced by bringing me Italian sauce for a Mexican meal. Tacos should have some sauce, sour cream, salsa, etc. shouldn't they? Salad was fine but tacos belong off the menu!
Server was Meagan at table 15. Even though the restaurant was half empty, they sat us at the table closest to the kitchen.
I have the receipt and plan on never eating at Boston Pizza again although they make a good pizza.

Jun 01, 2018

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