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I am a roofing subcontractor that completed a job for Boss Construction Inc. This job was completed on the 11/18/08. I have been trying to get paid for one month now. The owner Steve Smith has told me several times that he is going to pay me but when the day comes to pay, Steve does not answer his phone. Finally, Steve called me on 12/12/08. He stated he would pay me and I would have to meet him at his new office located at 10713 Winterset Dr, Orland Park, IL. When I arrived at the office Steve was nowhere to be found and the office was not Boss Construction, Inc. It was the offices of Zausa Homes. After fifteen minutes of no Steve, I gave him a call. He informed me that he would not be there for two hours. Okay. I stated I would be back at 4 pm. He then proceeded to say if he arrives before I do, he would tape the check to the door. I told Steve I did not like the idea of taping the check to the door. He agreed not to tape the check to the door but instead he would have a man by the name of Jack to give me the check. I questioned this Jack guy and Steve said, “He is the man.” I arrived at 4 pm at 10713 Winterset Drive. (Zausa Homes office) and I found the check taped to the door. To my surprise, the check was not for the full amount. It was for $1, 500.00 when it should have been for $5, 452.65. Besides being the incorrect amount, the check was not from Boss Construction, Inc. It was written by Jack Zausa, owner of Zausa Homes. Needless to say, I was very upset about this matter. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Jack. He stated he is the person who wrote the check out and does not know the situation between Steve and me. He explained he is helping Steve out financially at this time. I deposited the check only to find out it has bounced. I am now in the process of seeking legal action to resolve this matter. I will also be putting a lean on the home owner’s property. Home owners need to beware of this company (Boss Construction subcontracts all their work out. If a general contractor does not pay for the completed efforts of a subcontractor, the subcontractor has the right to put a lien on the home owner’s property. If anyone else has been experiencing this type of problem with Boss Construction, Inc. please feel free to contact me at [protected]

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  • Mg
      Feb 14, 2009

    Nothing concerning Boss...but can guarantee ANY one who does business with Jack Zausa will have nothing but problems. Check out the investigative report on FOX 32 done on him...ask people who bought. PITIFUL!

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  • Bo
      Apr 16, 2009

    See below

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  • On
      Apr 23, 2009

    Mike Nolan mailto: [protected] or [protected].
    The link above is to the staff writer that published the story on the filing of Civil Charges against Steven R. Smith or Orland Park and the BOSS entities he headed.
    Steve Smith has been convicted of nothing and is innocent until proven guilty.
    Civil charges have been filed by the Illinois Attorney General Office. They will go after the corporate and personal assets of their target and attempt to ban him from the remodeling industry in IL. The downside is pretty much limited to the assets they can identify. If there are no assets to be attached nobody get paid. In that case retribution is the only solace.
    For Homeowners the Home Repair Fraud Act does specify criminal sanctions of up to a class 3 felony and class 2 if the victim is a senior citizen.
    An importance difference between civil and criminal would be intent.
    To the extent that sub contractors were not paid and homeowners lost deposits or incurred liens due to bad business decisions or bad business climate an alleged fraud can keep the process in civil court.
    If there is a strong repeated pattern (with subcontractors and customers) over an extended period of time it is much more difficult for that person to claim misfortune and business setbacks.
    Critical Mass
    Most of the individual complains relate to relatively small amounts and if presented individually to the States Attorney at the county level the default response is to deem matters for civil courts to reolve.
    If individual subcontractors and homeowners were to send their complaint to one central person the aggregate amount might be more interesting. Homeowners and Subs should e-mail their complaints to Mike Nolan above. If you know of other subs or homeowners even from years ago let them know. If a similar pattern over multiple years can be established that would be strong evidence.
    Keep things business like and avoid too much emotion. Include the Subject: Steven Smith-Boss and provide the following:
    Are you Homeowner or Subcontractor
    Your contact information – you need to be on the record
    Date of the Transaction or Dates if there were multiple transactions
    What was to be done and the price.
    The timeframe for performance or payment including verbal representation if not specified in the contract
    Brief summary of what happened – omit character assessments of Mr. Smith

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  • St
      Mar 10, 2011

    No concern with boss construction but with Zausa Homes this builder is nothing but a rip off, con-artist, a big scam. I am a first time home buyer I purchased my first home with Zausa homes. My subdivision is incomplete no park area, no pond, streets are not done lots of unkept vacant lots with over grown weeds. Unfinished homes which is not safe for the children very very dangers. This builder does not honor warranty and is good with avoiding your calls. Basically Mr. Zausa has abandon this project I feel that is unfair for him to take peoples money and just vanish. Pure evil

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  • In
      Oct 03, 2012

    Apparently steve smith has an injunction against him which prohibits him from doing home repair work in the state of illinois. then i hear he has started a new company called Cascade Renovation & Construction in Alsip. will this guy ever learn?

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  • Er
      Jun 19, 2013

    this guy Steve Smith owes me money for jothe job i did in north dakota under cascade renovatins and not being pay jet 60 days already any advise will help on how to get to pay me

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  • An
      Feb 25, 2015

    Hi, I am a plumbing contractor from Peoria il. I got involved with Steve Smith through his new company Cascade renovations, I did work for him where we worked for a world war 2 vet (named bud) to remodel his bathroom. Steve call my company looking for a quote, "to remodel a for a world war2 veteran( which he made sure to tell me that bud was)" saying that he had saved them so much money on a roofing project, that he thought that they could have a shower put in for them, for the difference in the cost between "his" price for a fencing and roofing project and the price given them by "some other"unsavory contractor . After meeting with bud and seeing his project I gave a price to do the work. Steve, accepted the cost and said that; our price fit the budget. So we did the work for the shower but there was going to be some work to do with replacing the lavatory. So we waited and waited for the special order cabinet to come in so we might put it in as well but, excuse after excuse came, and no cabinet. Then after months (no exaggeration) of waiting we went to visit Bud where he told me that he had set a sink himself when he too became aware Steve wasn't going to deliver the cabinet. When I apologized and said I'd make sure we didn't charge him with the cost of replacing the sink, He informed me that he'd paid the entire contract amount and that I wasn't the first subcontractor to show up at his house wanting to know when we would receive our money from Steve. Steve wouldn't return our calls, and bud got a lawyer. Then I read about Steve's other ventures such as Boss Construction, BCI Industries Inc., CR Construction, and a flooring company which I forget the name of and I realized that this guy just grifted a 90 year old senior citizen who was also a world war 2 vet. Not to mention this was after he was punished by Lisa Madigan with revocation of ability to do construction work in Illinois due to fraud. What a cheat. He belongs behind bars. Pleaseet me know if you might be able to help it's not about the money but rather the principle, I don't want to file a lean against bud's house to insure he doesn't get away with it.
    Thank you,

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