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borders books/seattles best coffee / Making up rules as they go along

1 FREMONT HUB SHOPPING CENTERFremont, CA, United States Review updated:

I witnessed the Borders Books-Seattles Best Coffee Manager Deborah mistreat a valued and dedicated customer who has been coming to the Store on a regular basis for the last 3 years. She told him that if he were to leave his backpack in the chair that he would be asked to leave. I dont understand this at all...if you are going to make rules like this, then you must post a sign that says, "we have the right to refuse service to anyone" Until that day comes, you cannot and will not kick anyone out unless they are a nuisance in the establishment.

This guy buys coffee and tea everyday!!! Why should he be singled out!! BOYCOTT SEATTLES BEST COFFEE!!

I am irate and extremely upset and disturbed about this type of behavior.

Thats the Fremont Hub Shopping Center Seattles Best in Borders there!! DONT GO THERE ANYMORE!

We will take our business to Barnes and Noble from now on!

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  • Ra
      21st of Jun, 2010
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    I visited the Borders store, which is located on 6103 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.
    The environment of the store is very unwellcomming, and the cashiers are very rude. I have been to this store before, and I have been having the same impression too. The manager, who worked on Sunday, was very polite and helpful. He is a male. However, there is a female working during the week in the evening who seems to be looking for a guy. As many times I go there with my boyfriend, she is trying to seduce him. She keeps passing by him on purpose, smiling at him, giving him the eye and bending at him as some easy girl. I have been told the same information by other girls going there with their boyfriends. In addition, she is using her power in her premises in order to make two people break up. I had a coupon for 40 percent. She didn't accept it. She kept attempting to seduce my boyfriend by thinking that I will start acting unprofessionally because of the fact that she didn't let me use the coupon.Other girls have told me the same think. However, she can not expect to break two people with a strong bond by bulling and teasing the girl. The guy will prefer to stay with the girl he is with rather than going for a mean and rude one. A real bully! After that we went to the store located on 4718 North Broadway Avenue. Unlike the store on Lincoln Avenue, the people in the borders store on Broadway Avenue were very polite and helpful. In additon, they accepted my coupon. Of course they will accept it since there was not any pervert manager. I told my man that I don't want us to go anymore to the Borders on Lincoln Avenue because I didn't like how I was treated, and he agreed with me. Other girls have done in the same way. Not only my friends but also my relatives will not go there shopping any more. This pervert store manager makes the store loose lots of money. If Border owners don't want to have a bad reputations and losing money because people want a wellcomming environment where they be treated professionally and with respect, they need to change the manager who is seducing her customers . If the pervert store manager needs a guy, I would suggest that she goes to or clubs.

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